Thursday, 2 January 2014

Cassidy Sherrington's Will Do 2014!

Cassidy’s 2014 Goals


v Plan one adventure per month to look forward too!
v Have a date night every week, cherish the time we have together
v Practice patience and SLOW down, breath before getting sooo worked up over little things-“is this really worth it” and start taking my time with things
v Save $50 a month
v Take one new course in rehabilitation/disability fitness
v Research doing rehabilitation and disability fitness under my own name instead of through a company/corporation
v Continue to work hard and further my current career by networking
v Read one book per month, try reading more before bed

Health and Fitness

v Compete and place top 10 in the WBFF Fitness/Bikini competition in July 2014 (this sort of dominates everything else right now)
v Run the LuLu Lemon Sea Breeze Half Marathon in August
v Continue to be a strong Dragon Boat competitor and get all my own gear this year
v 2014 Underwear affair in June
v No stressing out over getting my workouts done, it is my time and I will enjoy it instead of racing and worrying about getting it done the entire time
v Aim for training 6 days a week (strength 3-4 days and cardio 5 days a week)
v Continue to do food prep weekly, work on decreasing the grocery bill while continue with clean eating