Sunday, 17 June 2012

Living Fit.....

Yes! I have been quiet but don't think for a moment that the adventures have not been happening?!

   During my marathon training I stumbled across a training program created by one of my favourite fitness peeps, Jamie Eason. I was dying to start the program as soon as I checked into it and watched a few of the video's. Now the catch for those of us self proclaimed "Cardio junkies" there is no cardio for the first month! Needless to say training for a marathon and not completing any cardio for four weeks didn't really fit into the plan of the moment.  The program was shelved until my marathon was completed. There were many occasions where knowing that once my marathon was complete that I had a "reason" to not run or do any cardio for a full month seem like such an amazing reward. For one full month when asked if I would like to go for a run my response was "Sorry! I'm not allowed!" with a coy smirk on my face.

    Exactly a week after my marathon was completed I started the Live Fit program. Instantly I fell in love with the workouts. Way, way, way back when I first initially started working out the weight room was my domain. I loved the sense of power, watching your muscles grow and kicking it with the big boys! Oh those days when you can out lift the guy beside you, Mwah!!! Sorry my competitive Type A coming out again.....

  First couple weeks in seem a bit strange! Your workouts are 5 days a week and approx 30-40 mins. That's it!! I can tell you "leg" day, I actually did a few extra sets because my legs were confused. They were yelling "hey we can't leave yet! We have only warmed up! Seriously, this is all you want from us?" hit Phase 2! Phase 2 amps up your game. 6 days a week with your weight workout and 4 of those days include a half hour session of cardio. Yeah to the return of cardio, although I must say you do become a complacent about the cardio. Some days you affectionately reflect on the month of "no cardio" but alas that dream is over and lets get going....

  Currently I am almost at the halfway point and can not believe the changes that I have seen in my body already. This last week with my arm and shoulder workout I was able to amp up some of weights. Triceps? that allusive muscle hiding behind those batwings. They exist and you can find them with this program! I promise!!  Triceps have been my opportunity and no program has worked them like this one! I can't wait too see what my arms will look like in another 6 weeks! ooooo yea bring on the tank tops!

Mid Program!!

If your looking for something new, check it out!!!

I also found this wicked site that has the best printouts for the workouts etc!!! I love this person for creating this page and freely sharing it with everyone. 

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Have I peeked your interest?! The best part the program is "FREE"! oh yeah! Gotta love that!