Monday, 12 December 2011

Ramp Up to Big Sur- Week 20

Week 20 of training brings me to a highlight in my personality...... it appears I am runner who enjoys adversity.

In the last few weeks I have been able to enjoy the weather that Mother Nature has brought in my direction. I will take us to last Wednesday's training run. I worked at 5am and got to watch first hand as the weather changed from worse to worse. As the day continued it got colder, cloudier, slippery and freezing! I work in a large box retail outlet so the thought that one of their managers was intending on going out in the great freezing white outdoors to run a 10K after a long early shift was a little"crazy" to all. As the end of my day neared the weather did not improve. It was even snowier, colder and slippery! I knew this was my chance to prove that mother nature would not win! I donned my winter running attire to the many comments of "Are you seriously running out there"- fingers actively pointing to the great outdoors. "You know its slippery out there", "how far are you going...." etc. On went the remaining gear with a positive attitude and out the door I went.

Now was the time to take that hardest step in running- the first step out the door!  Honestly it was a fabulous run! The temps were only cold enough to freeze my butt cheeks but the rest of me was quite happy after my first initial 2K.  I ran my entire training run with a smile on my face.  As I was running and enjoying the snow coming down and making the only footprints on the fresh snow. I realized this was the most purposeful moment of my day.

 Later I reflected on that run and a few others that I have enjoyed over the years and suddenly I had my realization! My best runs in not only speed, attitude and general fun has usually been when Mother Nature has kicked up her heels and given me some attitude.  On any given run when a little or a lot of wind comes my way I always dig in and speed up! Puddles to jump in only increase the fun factor! One of my all time favourite runs was with a good friend where we experienced freezing rain, snow and crazy temps. At some points we were running in snow that was higher than our knees. Okay maybe not running but trying to as we laughed and enjoyed the moment. I love those moments when you are out there and you can see the look on peoples faces as they drive past- "Is she crazy?!" Hell no! I am a runner and I am enjoying life!

At the end of the day I hope my running shows a part of my personality.... when the going gets tough well you just keep going! One foot in front of the other its that simple!