Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ramp Up to Big Sur- Week 21

  Another week of training successfully completed! I have officially in the last 4 weeks put on over 100km! Big switch from taking this last year off of running. It feels great and I am enjoying the feeling of being committed to a goal. The whole negative side affect to all of this- Mother Nature's odd creative ideas to add a little interest to my runs....

This weeks blog is all about the single kilometre. It amazes me the emotions that can enter the mind and body all within one kilometre. Mid week was a difficult run for me. Mixture of a weird work schedule consisting of me not sleeping for 25 hours due to working an overnight then power sleeping for a few hours. Upon waking up from my power nap I immediately climbed into my running gear and stepped into the great white outdoors in freezing temperatures. Winds bringing with it a mixture of freezing rain and snow. Wind that regardless of the direction you were running it was coming right at your face. Yep it was a completely idyllic run! I couldn't have asked for more from Mother Nature. Thankfully it was a  nice short 10K! (I love how that sounds- short LOL!) 3km left of my run and I met that magical emotional kilometre. I was in my zone, my body was in its stride, my brain was quietly going along for the ride. It was all good!  I finally decided "this isn't that bad", "I got this" all was good then I hit 2.5km. Instantly I did not want to play any more. My face was frozen, my legs were tired and well lets just face it I was plain tired and grumpy! 2km left everything changed: The sun came out, the wind let up and the song- oh yes the song " I've Got Soul but I'm Not a Soldier- Killers" woo! hoo! it was happy times again!

 The power of the mind and the minute is an incredible experience. Motto learned from this week every minute is a new minute so if one sucks hold out for a moment because its all about to change!