Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ramp Up to Big Sur- Week 17/16

Here it goes.... the mileage is amping up now and reality is sinking in! 

I live in one of the windiest cities in Canada. As we joked this week anywhere else that had up to 100K winds would be deemed "hurricane warning" we on the other hand get a "wind warning"!and "yes" I have been running in this crap! This brings to me this last weekend. Saturday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, amazing temps especially seeing we are in our first couple weeks of January. Most importantly Mother Nature gave it a rest and we had a short reprieve from the wind. I worked on Saturday and spent the day being so excited about my run for the next day. Ha ha ha ha! joke is on me..... in the middle of the night I was repeatedly woken up as 60km plus winds kept pelting my bedroom window. First thought each time I woke up "What about my 19K run?" 8am strolled around and my phone was full of text messages. 2 of the crew did not want to take on Mother Nature. Fortunately 2 other cheerleaders were ready to go- We started out on the premise of trying 10K and seeing just how bad it was. Surprise! Surprise! staying within residential areas helped out! Randomly you would hit an open zone and poof you were pushed off the side-walk. During that first 10K all I could think about was "today is my 19, I need 19". I debated about completing the 10K and going back out for the last 9. I have been debating about joining a gym due to the crazy weather, "do I finish it off on the treadmill." As common sense is always first "I'm out here I may as well get er done". My friends headed back to complete their 10K and off I went to get in my 19! As I have explained before it appears I am a runner who enjoys adversity so Mother Nature's ass kicking wind storm definitely got my "ggrrr". Off I went.... into one of my fave parks to run through. In this park there is no shelter from the wind! Mountains approx 300km away are your shelter. That's when the upward to 60K winds found me. If you can imagine the running version of a lap pool. That was basically my run. Absolutely crazy! A few K's of that and I finally found shelter back in the residential areas. As 16K crept up to me I realized that my route was going to be a tad short. I went through options in my mind of where to go and how to get in my 19! I know you are waiting for the woo!hoo! I added to my route. No people I did not- 17.8K completed and I got home just in time to crash!!! 17.8K running while someone is basically pushing you backwards is insane. I had nothing left when I got home- I went into auto pilot and refuelled, climbed into the tub and ever so elegantly collapsed into my bed and into an hour and a half coma. Later that day and the next day my legs were sore- no surprise there! The surprise was where... once that workout was complete you could really feel how your muscles have to work differently to run in that crap. 

For all those who have never ran in crazy winds here are a few examples of the entertainment:

#103 Awesome thing about running in the wind: when you pushing so hard to get through the wind and then the gust lets up and you almost faceplant the sidewalk.

#86 Awesome thing about running in the wind: When your inside foot kicks your other leg due to the wind pushing it.

#126 Awesome thing about running in the wind: when you have to lean to the side on a 45 degree angle to keep running forward due to the side wind hitting you!

#73 Awesome thing about running in the wind: What a great core workout!!!

This is "what" that run felt like.... 

This made me laugh... obviously they have never run here! It doesn't feel fast baby it is.... ever had a Starbucks cup pass you at about 60K?! That's wind!

Will do List 2012 by Nancy Leggett

 Will do List 2012 by Nancy Leggett