Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Top 10 Marathons Worth Travelling For....

Forbes magazine just posted their Top 10 marathons worth travelling for and no big surprise that Big Sur is on the list!!! Funny enough this last Sunday I clicked in that I should maybe take a look at the route to see how hilly it is?! My other thought while completing this training is how I am ready for pretty much anything Mother Nature can send my way except a major rainfall but I think my years on the Island I can survive that. Well ha ha ha ha!! kick me in the ass if this is the description they post on the site

"California’s most beautiful drive is the route for this foot race. You’ll hug the coast on Highway One from Big Sur all the way down to Carmel. The hills and the headwinds are difficult, but the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean serve as inspiration to keep going. The point-to-point course tends to sell out year after year, so if you’re looking to conquer the hilly terrain, book early."

All I can say is "seriously" - I guess I better start getting some hills in there too! LOL!!! California Headwinds have nothing on this Lethbridgian!!

Monday, 23 January 2012


Ramp Up to Big Sur Week 14 brings to me "Friendship"

   I have been reading a lot of posts on facebook on friendship and where people currently are in their lives! Big surprise with the beginning of a new year and those who elected to take on a challenge of changing themselves are feeling the pressure. I have seen posts on friends trying to deliberate sabotage their friends successes. Friends that are falling quietly to the wayside as they do not share their "old" friends passions anymore. People worrying that they will no longer have friends but are excited about the new passion that they have found! 

   For the people out there that are making a change of life for the positive and feel like you are alone.... hold on for the ride because there is a mountain of crazy people out there just like you! Keep living your passion and you will find them and they will find you, I guarantee it!!!

There is nothing like having friends who will:

  • Run in ridiculous temperatures, wind and weather with you so you can get your training distance in.
  • Give up a chance for their own personal best to pace you in a race
  • Stay up all weekend to participate in a crazy adventure race with you
  • See a crazy climb in front of them and say "okay, lets go"
  • Spot you at the gym as you push your limit
  • Message you a list of songs to upload as they know you have a race coming up
  • Travel to race destinations
  • Encourage you do what you thought you couldn't
  • Inspire you to try new things
  • Be your cheerleader!!!!
  • If all else fails yell at you until you push out that last rep! Then give you a high five after :-)

   I consider myself a very wealthy person when it comes to friendships! Majority of these great friends that I have made all happened when I decided to recreate myself and live a life with great adventure. I have an amazing group of cheerleaders who celebrate my crazy ideas and quite often volunteer to join me. We are all learning from each other that the limits we thought we had- well they just don't exist!  

  If your one of those people that is out there making that change.... keep your eyes open as there is an "Awesome" group of people out there participating with you that would love for you to be part of their crowd. Join in new activities that excite you and meet the people that share those interests. In a short time you will have a wealth of amazing fit, crazy friends - I promise! 

To all my friends out there..... you know who you are!! Thank you so much for what you bring into my life.... you all rock!