Thursday, 29 October 2015

Body Beast my personal review

Let's kickoff with the awesomeness!

Personally I am celebrating that "yes" I completed a "90 Day" program as my traditional go to is 21 days and once yes "once" I managed to finish a full 60 Day Program so right there is a cause for celebration! I started off the beginning of August and ended it the first week of November. 

The Second Awesome "WIN"

My beginning Body Beast got my honey back in the gym!
That alone was worth the whole 90 Days!

The Workouts! 

There is a Build, Bulk and Beast! With a Huge Beast or a Lean Beast! 

Needless to say I went Lean and Mikey went Huge Beast Mode! 

Hello Leg Day let me say that one is the definite stand out! Yowzer does Sagi know how to put together a leg workout! Those up on a bench and then back down into a lunge form of muscle building torture were crazy! I was indeed walking funny for a few days.

The Nutrition! 

Nutrition we all know is the TOUGHEST in any program but Beast nutrition brings in a whole new mindset! This is a 90 Day program for a reason.... you first need to fuel those muscles to grow and yes the term "Bulking Season" is real! This is not a jump in and lose weight program. Once you battle  your demons and trust the process it all can flow from there.

My Personal Journey! 

It has taken me to awhile to put this together as I feel that I have done the program a dis-service as I got in my own way for a lot of this program! I do not have a rocking success story but thankfully I know all the reasons why and it was a journey I needed to take. Bulk season can be a challenge and then for myself the switch off from bulk didn't happen and I fell into bad habits, oops! Reality I already know all too well.... You can not outwork a bad diet! 

On the physical side I did see progress which is awesome! Even with all my planning I was still teaching a lifting class for 3/4 of this program so I was unable to push as hard as I would have liked but I still saw gains and changes and for that I am excited! 

Great things I have learnt! 
  • I can complete a "90 Day Program"
  • I love having my partner in the gym with me! 
  • A strong mindset is KEY
  • It's okay to adapt and change as you need too! 
  • I learnt how to say "no" to (some) things that distracted me from my ultimate goal! 
  • Progress is Progress! 

Will I be doing this program again?! You betcha ya' 
I will be doing another round when I can give it my full effort, attention and bring a stronger mindset to set myself up for even better success! 

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