Monday, 10 March 2014

Erin Stern's 4 Week Trainer- Week One

For the month of March I decided to challenge myself a little further as I was missing my time in the weight room. I decided to check out the FREE training programs available through and came across Erin Stern's program that was a perfect fit with my already busy schedule and the timeframe of 4 weeks that I was able to commit too. 

Saturday was my last workout of week one and I loved all the workouts! I am a personal trainer and sometimes it is nice to have someone else tell you what to do so this program worked perfectly. Added bonus was trying new moves I haven't done before! I always love learning something new and have already included some of them in my private training sessions. Saturday was another introduction to a new idea for me a Plyo Leg Day! This was a unique experience as I am very much the lift heavy person on leg day. I was definitely tired at the end of each plyo round but I was still unsure that I had done enough to annihilate leg day so I did complete a few weighted exercises and once I was satisfied it was home time. It appears Plyo Leg Day's are sneaky.... upon attempting to jump a puddle I found my legs didn't really want too. In the evening and parts of the next day I had my moments of wishing we lived in a rancher. I would definitely say it was a success and I am committing to completing the workout as written in the program to really get an idea of the end result! Of all the workouts my favourite from last week was "Back" for sure. It's one of those super important body parts that most of us don't spend enough time on it and I liked the creativity of the workout! 

Here is the link if you would like to check out the program further.....