Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ramp Up to Big Sur- Week 18

 With the end of a crazy work schedule, the holidays and knees that are starting to feel a little bit sore I must say I was very happy when my calendar organized itself nicely to give me a rest week. I took almost a week off of work and thought "hey! why not keep my runs on the calendar" but a little voice inside my head- "Yvonne, relax and enjoy a few days" so I took my own advice. 

With all the creations of fabulous "Will do Lists" that my friends have been sharing and the reality that my yoga classes are coming up fast and soon. I decided to re-engage myself with my inner yogi! What an awesome idea it has been. I have not spent near enough time with my mat or just having those amazing quiet Savasana moments. Awh!!! 

I am at my week to get back on it and I can feel the urge calling me- "get on those runners, we want to go" I hope that feeling lasts a few weeks as boy oh boy the mileage is amping up from this week on......

Thank you to everyone who posts cheers on facebook while I put in my miles! Cheers and positive comments about my blog and training as this is going to be the part where the hard work needs to be put in and the support is a "huge" help!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Will Do List 2012 by Joanne Zver

Will Do List 2012

Try new adventures with cooking.  Learn to love it again.
Organize once a month date night
Volunteer at the Nanaimo Hospital Pain Clinic
Join and regularly participate in a yoga class
Keep in regular contact with all my wonderful friends
Give everything my all and stop holding myself back
Not let anyone or anything determine who I become it's all up to me 
More support and time with my children and husband
Get out my golf clubs and bike more often
Read a book once a month

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
      - Winston Churchill 

Will Do List 2012 by Liane Valk

Will Do List 2012 

  • Be grateful everyday for all of my blessings, and do daily prayer and devotions with my kids
    Laugh more!
    Teach my children the importance of volunteering
    Be more patient
    Read 1 book a month
    Daily compliments to others
    Weekly random acts of kindness
    Schedule 1 date night a month with my husband

    Cut out candy and sweets (find alternatives for mad cravings)
    Have a 6 pack
    Feel just as good about my nutrition as I do about my exercise
    Introduce vegetarian dishes into our weekly menu
    Try tofu
    Learn how to swim lengths
    Compete in my first Triathlon-August in Elkwater
    Be a constant support to my husband throughout his weight loss journey
    Be the loudest cheerleader at his Triathlons!
    Learn how to kneeboard

    Learn to LOVE running by myself again
    Run a Half Marathon with my dog Mulligan
    Run the Red Deer Ful Marathon
    Run the Regina Full Marathon
    Run the Victoria Full Marathon
    Do 5 unassisted pull ups/chin ups
    Canoe with my Dad from Calgary to Medicine Hat (without killing each other on the way!) lol

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Will Do List 2012 by Wendy Kennedy

Will Do List  2012

House of MacGyver: Where Ingenuity Meets Vogue - I am GOING TO find my willpower.
Organize & toss out the unnecessary.
Get financially fit.
Move to a new city.
Start writing my book. Yes I will.

Have I See Fit People explode & develop.
Meet Tony Horton in June.
Have 6 pack abs.
Inspire & motivate even more people to change their world.
Own a heavy bag.
Work with what God gave me & try to make the most of it, with intensity.

Spend more time with my husband & kids.
Enjoy every day to the fullest.
Prepare one new recipe, at LEAST once a week.
Do more Random Acts of Kindness.

Paris in the fall. :-)
Vegas in June.

Be the person that others are proud to call wife, mother, sister, friend and inspiration.

"In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia".~~Author Unknown

Will do List 2012 by Jessica McCLelland

  • Will Do List for 2012

    1) cook for my family - actually cook... cut WAY back on the processed and prepackaged nasty meals that they have had to rely on the past few months!

    2) try a new recipe at minimum of once a week... who knows - maybe I don't distain curry?

    3) bake - this is something I don't do often enough, also fits in with the "less packaged crap". More homemade lunch things for the kids

    4) the term "Muffin Top" will only exsist in lunches - not above the jeans... 

    5) find my body again - I am borrowing someone elses right now... I am aware it needs to be this way for a little longer - but looking forward to getting healthy again

    6) the treadmill will NOT collect dust!! (4 weeks and counting before I can attack it - slowly)

    7) actually ENJOY my year at home - not think of it as a jail term - this is my LAST time being home on baby time and I welcome the challenge!

Will Do List 2012 by Shannon White

Will Do List 2012

1. Finish my RHU course by Jan 15th 2012
2. Stick to the Live Fit 12 week Trainer (Don't Give Up)
3. Go to the gym at least 4-5 days a week
4. Make an extreme effort to go to the gym in the morning at 5:30AM before work, because I feel amazing and so powerful after a morning workout!
5. Eat Clean, but take the time to still enjoy foods I like within moderation
6. Work hard and focus on my career this year
7. In the fall look at taking schooling to learn how to run a business
8. Worry less about dating, meeting someone and being lonley and focus on living life everyday to the fullest!
9. Run the 5KM Run For A Cure in October 2012
10. Enjoy the last year of my 20's
12. Ride my beautiful new mountain bike, and if I have no one to go with, then suck it up and get out there myself!
13. Learn to surf
14. Last but not least, Learn to love myself for who I am. I am a beautiful strong women, and I owe it to myself to be the best I can be!!

Will Do List 2012 by Yvonne Hill

Will Do List 2012

    • - Engage in some form of physical activity at least three times a week.
      - Appreciate my family more.
      - Volunteer to help at one or more runs.
      - Find ways to be of service to people I don’t know.
      - Be of service to the people I do know.
      - Run in the Sole Survivor run in July.
      - Involve my family in a trail walk.