Monday, 2 January 2012

Will Do List 2012 by Liane Valk

Will Do List 2012 

  • Be grateful everyday for all of my blessings, and do daily prayer and devotions with my kids
    Laugh more!
    Teach my children the importance of volunteering
    Be more patient
    Read 1 book a month
    Daily compliments to others
    Weekly random acts of kindness
    Schedule 1 date night a month with my husband

    Cut out candy and sweets (find alternatives for mad cravings)
    Have a 6 pack
    Feel just as good about my nutrition as I do about my exercise
    Introduce vegetarian dishes into our weekly menu
    Try tofu
    Learn how to swim lengths
    Compete in my first Triathlon-August in Elkwater
    Be a constant support to my husband throughout his weight loss journey
    Be the loudest cheerleader at his Triathlons!
    Learn how to kneeboard

    Learn to LOVE running by myself again
    Run a Half Marathon with my dog Mulligan
    Run the Red Deer Ful Marathon
    Run the Regina Full Marathon
    Run the Victoria Full Marathon
    Do 5 unassisted pull ups/chin ups
    Canoe with my Dad from Calgary to Medicine Hat (without killing each other on the way!) lol