Sunday, 1 January 2012

Will do List 2012 by Jessica McCLelland

  • Will Do List for 2012

    1) cook for my family - actually cook... cut WAY back on the processed and prepackaged nasty meals that they have had to rely on the past few months!

    2) try a new recipe at minimum of once a week... who knows - maybe I don't distain curry?

    3) bake - this is something I don't do often enough, also fits in with the "less packaged crap". More homemade lunch things for the kids

    4) the term "Muffin Top" will only exsist in lunches - not above the jeans... 

    5) find my body again - I am borrowing someone elses right now... I am aware it needs to be this way for a little longer - but looking forward to getting healthy again

    6) the treadmill will NOT collect dust!! (4 weeks and counting before I can attack it - slowly)

    7) actually ENJOY my year at home - not think of it as a jail term - this is my LAST time being home on baby time and I welcome the challenge!