Friday, 6 December 2013

Paleo 101! A 30 Day Journey of Personal Discovery

I recently completed the Whole 30 and it was quite the journey. Talk about an eye opening experience on all levels. How your body reacts to foods that are even considered good for you never mind the stuff we know is bad? The mind, oh that dirty little devil! The mental is the challenge you need to be ready for. You have to “own that why” to get through the games your brain will play on you. The soul, actually understanding what it feels like to get a solid night’s sleep and I mean deep sleep. Dreams and the whole kabang.  The amount of side effects is amazing! I’m still only skimming the surface- Did I mention losing 2 dress sizes and somewhere around 11-14lbs?! Still not even scratching the surface!

I loved this program so much that I am creating on-going challenge groups to support others in this life changing experience. I have had a few challenge groups go through this journey and with each one I have taken notes on what I have seen as the keys for success!

        Knowing it’s time! Feeling it in your bones that you truly are sick of how you are feeling and enough is enough! I knew while reading the book “It Starts with Food” that this was it! I had finally found my nutritional guide. I saw the finish line before I even started. 

   Ability to create that defining “Why” that fits you. What is your reason for wanting change? What is the end result you are working towards? What are the benefits besides possible weight loss? ( Weight loss is only a bonus side effect of this journey) You will need to “own your why” throughout this journey so the strongest “Why” you can create the stronger you will be throughout the journey and the days that follow.

 Having an interactive open safe challenge group. The more interaction within the challengers providing daily encouragement to full out Day 3 venting of how horrible life is. Sharing your experience, being vulnerable and open improves not only your chances of success but of those on the journey with you.

 Willingness to get your hands “dirty”  This is a lifestyle change not a 30 day quick fix so you need to be prepared to do some work. Although some nutritional guidelines will be provided you will need to be prepared to do the majority of the work. If during the excitement of a new challenge it is too much to have to plan then what happens Day 31?! This 30 Days is all a lead up to living a healthy lifestyle come Day 31 on what hopefully becomes the rest of your life….. 

I am looking to help people who are motivated, willing to educate themselves before and during the journey. Willingness to share within a closed group setting and most importantly people who are willing to invest time and energy into their new healthier life! I am not looking to drive numbers and have x amount of people participating! I am solely looking for people who legitimately are ready and wanting change.

To be accepted into the Challenge Group:

·      You will need to have your clearly defined “Why”?!  Why is now the time? Why do you want to do this?  Presenting your “Why” privately to me and if you elect you can always share it with the group at the time of the challenge. I also need your preferred style of communication if you were to start straying from the tracks.

·         Purchasing the book "It Starts with Food" The book does a fabulous job of explaining the why in regards to food and it's effects on the body. All successful challengers have read the book. I provide a cliff notes version but nothing can replace the book. It was while reading the book I had my light bulb moment and knew that this was "it" finally what my body was looking for. Mentally I was already at the finish line before I even started. The book is available on both Chapters Indigo and Amazon or a downloadable version through the Whole 30 website. 

·         Purchase Shakeology. Officially with the Whole 30 shakes are a "no go". However, I have run one challenge group with only myself using Shakeology and another challenge group where it was an option. Proof is in the experiment that using Shakeology was an addition to the program. I know personally I saw changes faster and to a much higher degree then the other challengers. It helps curb those crazy cravings and provides the extra sustenance needed for your workouts. Going forward all my challenges will include the purchase of Shakeology the vegan variety. Your choice of either Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry. Shakeology does have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don't like it and feel at the end of the challenge it didn't help you achieve your goals your welcome to return it no questions asked. 

Here is the link to the Whole 30 challenge and the downloadable book! 

Here is the link to Shakeology. For the challenge you want the Vegan varieties as they don't have whey protein a form of dairy. Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry

If your ready message me at
If you still have questions please feel free to send them my way to the above email address as well.

This has the potential to be one of the biggest life changing decisions you will make 
so a quick "I'm in" comment doesn't suffice. You must forward an email. I put a lot of work and effort into make these challenges as successful as possible and I need to see that you are ready to put forth the effort to do your part to make this happen for yourself!