Friday, 12 August 2011

Update and a Check In

After my last blog I knew it was time to take some serious action. I have been watching for quite awhile now the Tone It Up Girls and had my interest peeked but left it at that. With my new outlook and the need for some structure I thought now might be the time to get involved and jump in! So did I?! Oh I did! It appears the Tone It Up Girls have a nutritional plan and in that nutritional plan also includes a 7 day slimdown. Well surprise in exactly 7 days from when I jumped in I had a family wedding so typical Yvonne style- why not?! Right then and there the next day I was starting.  Talk about a shock to the system. Going cold turkey on all your bad habits lets you learn a lot. Third day in "headache" and I am sure it is was withdrawals from the bad foods. Bad food and maybe the red liquid that goes nicely with said foods. Honestly I am not a horrible eater in comparison to some so  I could not imagine the withdrawals that some people would go through- youch! 5 days in and 5 inches smaller already. Additional lesson learned-portion control! Yes people you have no idea how much we over consume!!! I completed my 7 days with zero slip ups- I was so proud of myself and felt so much better than I had the week before. Yeah!!! I felt better both inside and outside! That every so great feeling of "I'm back"

Part of this program also includes the morning "Booty Call". You jump out of bed  a half hour earlier so you can get in a workout! Yep sounds like torture especially if you have some of the really early shifts that I have. Well my little Kamie (Maltese/chihuahua puppy) thinks this morning booty call is the greatest creation in life! As a matter of fact on a few mornings when I may have slid back into old patterns she was there in my face, panting and smiling ready to go. When the magic words came out-  "Booty Call" and she blasts to the front door you know your done. On our morning booty call we visit a park that I am sure my puppies believe has been created for their sole use. I started off with just the usual half hour stroll then creativity hit! I now throw in a few walking lunges, I have been known to drop to the ground and complete push ups or even a full set of ab workout. This morning a set of frog squats were thrown in. Meanwhile my girls are having the time of their life. On these morning walks I make sure to take time for some Nature Appreciation. One morning someone had placed a sunflower between the slats on one of the benches, another morning my Kama fell right into the pond in the middle of the park. All I heard was this big "splush" and suddenly her jumping back out drenched right to the top of her head. Every morning there is some kind of adventure and I use these as my motivation. When I find that something special I always remind myself "if you didn't get up for your morning booty call you would have missed out on this". A definite way to create motivation to get up early again the next morning!

I know it all sounds like roses but there are still definitely the challenges. We have travelled and we have had back to back company. At first I did a great job of protecting my morning booty call and being able to adapt the food I wanted to eat. As time goes on your just start to slide back to old habits! My challenge now is to figure out what it looks like to stay focused with your goals while maintaining the role of hostess. With the huge goals that I have coming up  insert>Big Sur Marathon<  I need to ensure that I keep my focus and not lose sight. Luckily I know I have amazing friends and family who are encouraging of my goals and will understand that I need to keep these things as a top priority. Funny I think I solved my own dilemma! Strange how you can put something out in words and there is your answer! Wow! Thanks world for the light bulb moment who knew it was such a simple solution?!

Thank you very much to Karena and Katrina- Tone It Up for giving me that nudge I needed!
Thank you to all my friends and family in advance if I am sometimes selfish in fitness and nutritional needs. Remember you can always join me ;-)