Thursday, 2 January 2014

Cassidy Sherrington's Will Do 2014!

Cassidy’s 2014 Goals


v Plan one adventure per month to look forward too!
v Have a date night every week, cherish the time we have together
v Practice patience and SLOW down, breath before getting sooo worked up over little things-“is this really worth it” and start taking my time with things
v Save $50 a month
v Take one new course in rehabilitation/disability fitness
v Research doing rehabilitation and disability fitness under my own name instead of through a company/corporation
v Continue to work hard and further my current career by networking
v Read one book per month, try reading more before bed

Health and Fitness

v Compete and place top 10 in the WBFF Fitness/Bikini competition in July 2014 (this sort of dominates everything else right now)
v Run the LuLu Lemon Sea Breeze Half Marathon in August
v Continue to be a strong Dragon Boat competitor and get all my own gear this year
v 2014 Underwear affair in June
v No stressing out over getting my workouts done, it is my time and I will enjoy it instead of racing and worrying about getting it done the entire time
v Aim for training 6 days a week (strength 3-4 days and cardio 5 days a week)
v Continue to do food prep weekly, work on decreasing the grocery bill while continue with clean eating

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Pam Kadach's Will Do 2014!

My 2014 “Will Do” List


First and foremost I will stop listening to the voice in my head that always tells me it is okay to settle for “good enough”. It’s time for me to be my biggest fan and to do that means to push myself out of my comfort zone and know that even if I fail; I failed by trying something.

I will place a higher priority of personal growth through reading more. Knowledge is power.
I will make more time for the things I love to do (primarily scrap booking and card making)

Health & Fitness:

I will continue to value my “me” time by training at SVPT with my trainer and taking advantage of the awesome small group training classes available there. I will continue to embrace what I learn there.
I will put myself in challenge groups to help push me out of my comfort zone fitness wise and to learn just how hard I truly can work with my body.
I will continue moving forward in learning how to nourish my body. I strive to have relationships with people, not food.

I will place a higher emphasis on yoga for both the physical and mental benefits it brings me.


I will apply myself more at my job. I will move past my grief and be a better leader at work in Chris’ absence. I will take pride in helping keep his dream alive. I will be a better team player.
This is the year I will take the time to research career options for my future and come up with a firm plan for furthering my education.


I will work at curbing impulse shopping. Even if I can afford it, I don’t always need it. Pause before purchasing.
I will continue to utilize my TFSA account by maximizing the yearly contributions. I will continue to build our nest egg. It is important to me that our retirement is secure. However it is equally important for me to learn the balance of saving for the future but living in the now.

Yvonne's Will Do 2014

Will Do 2014


Books! Reading a book month inspired by a selection made from a friend

Blog! Weekly putting my thoughts into words and blogging my little heart out

Photography! Participating in Instagram’s Monthly Photo Challenges

Wanderlust! A trip to the South and one to Europe


 I am dedicating this year to nurturing my body! As my body is now my career and livelihood I need to ensure that I am putting the best step forward for it each and everyday!

Paleo! Living a full year of the Paleo Lifestyle

Triathlons! Lake Chapparel and Calgary

Marathon! Victoria BC in the Fall

Spartan Race/Underwear Affair

Yoga/Meditation! Maintaining a daily short practice of my own


Training! Complete a training course each quarter

Personal Development! Read a PD book once a month

Opportunity! Seeking opportunities to grow my business in turn enabling me to be more mobile

Business Plan! Follow through and make it happen on my more detailed business/career planning


Meet my Financial goals within my extensive Business Plan

Pay off vehicles

Living within my budget, means and respecting my purchases

Making steps Financially towards my even BIGGER goals for 2015/16!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Shannon White's Will Do List 2014!

Shannon's 2014 Will Do List!


1.      Continue working hard with my trainer/ coach. After my first 10 sessions are up, evaluate if I want to take a break for golf season and follow my program then go back in the fall and work with him again?
2.     NO more focusing on the scale! I will weigh myself at the 1st of every month starting January 1st 2014.
3.      My goals are to see the inches fall off and build strength seeing my body tighten and body fat decrease. By March 16th, I should start to see results.
4.      Commit to 4 days a week in the gym, and 1 day a week with my trainer.
5.      Sunday food prep to continue, eat clean all week and allow myself cheat meals when I want within reason, and not feel guilty about it.
6.      I WANT to feel amazing and 100% confident in a bikini this summer! This goal was about 60% attained in my 2013 Will Do, NO EXCUSES for this summer!


1.     Love myself, look in the mirror everyday and tell myself that I am beautiful and deserving of everything great in life. Be 100% confident with myself and my body. It's the only one I got, I need to ROCK it.
2.   Be open to LOVE again this year. I found love in 2013, and experience heartbreak too. I am strong, and I want to find love again in 2014. My heart is open.
3.      If i enter into any new relationship in 2014, my will do for myself is that I need to keep my health and fitness goals in place and not let my partner railroad my dreams and goals.
4.      I won't settle for less anymore, in a partner I want them to adore me, to love me, and to tell me I'm the best part of their day. No more settling!
5.      I will go on an adventure in my JEEP! I'd like to travel to Alberta and see the mountains and visit Jasper.
6.      I will ride my mountain bike more than once this year. Time to take it out and get it muddy with the JEEP.
7.      I will take my new found strength from training and apply it to my golf game. I want to break 100 on every golf game this season. My strength will help me with my game. I want to be focused and not sloppy!


1.      I want to start saving money. Get back on a budget pay off my credit card and save towards a house! I really want to buy a Husky puppy, but I can't until I have a yard!


1.      I want to finally finish my Disability 303 course by the end of the year.
2.      2013 was an amazing year for working with new clients. I built up my business by about 70% from the year before. I want to work with lots of new clients this year. I love helping people, and I love what I do.

2014 will be a year of fitness and personal goals for me. Strong is the new SKINNY! I want to be strong and sexy in 2014! I'm going to ROCK my 30's... Whoop Whoop!

Kim Lee's Will Do 2014!

Will Do2014


1.This year we are going to take a minimal of 2 trips.

-Planning for Mexico in March J

-Heading to Vancouver in August.

-Hopefully sneak in a trip to Phoenix.

2. Simplify/clean my life.

- Lose the excess junk in my home, and create a clean up list to tackle each room in the house.

- Drop poor relationships and create stronger ones.

3. Come from a place of yes, unless it conflicts with my simplify.

4. Don’t rush, enjoy the day and moment. Hold doors for strangers and be kind in general, as it makes a difference.



5. Create a better self image.

- Don’t be so hard on myself.

- Allow for spontaneity.

6. Show appreciation to loved ones through words or kind gestures.

7. Plan for family events, such as swimming, bowling, mini put, even hiking and picnics.

8. Try new activities.

- rafting, paddle boarding, a full spin class ;), TRX etc.

9. Get out of my comfort zone, approach others, go after what you want, and stand my ground J

10.  Have a larger garden this year.

11.  Every month I will revisit this list to make sure I am on track.


Health and Fitness

1. Do yoga 3 times a week to improve my core and flexibility.

2.Complete a half marathon. Lululemon sea wheeze in August.

3.Train Cujo to run “with” me and get into a routine of running with her.


4.Fundraise and run for the MS Enerflex run and the Cancer Underwear affair.

5.Meditate weekly.

6. Complete several more runs, Color me rad, Spartan, Ladies Fest etc.


Career (As I do not work outside of the home currently, I create a career as a homemaker J)

1.Continue to recycle and decrease the amount of non renewable resources that I buy.

2.Create and swap out toxic household cleaners for home made products.

3.Buy beauty products and home essentials that comply with green, clean and animal cruelty-free regulations.




1. Create a travel account and add to it monthly.

2.Pay off remaining student loan.

3.Stick to my budget, revisit it daily, weekly and monthly to stay on track.

4.Open a RRSPD, as it is different from the basic RRSP. Since I am classified as disabled through the government they will also contribute. more money, why not!



** All the pictures here are of some amazing times I’ve had this year. All of these I wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for my 2013 will do list.  There are only 4 photos but I have numerous more. The experiences I have had this year and the friends I have made are irreplaceable, and I couldn’t ask for more**

Monday, 30 December 2013

Top 10 Books of 2013!

My personal pick for the Top 10 Books that I read in 2013! 

First off let me start by saying "Wow! Was this ever hard to do!" You think it would be easy but no way! With the help of GoodReads I was reminded of some of the fabulous reads that I had read earlier this year. Even at this very moment this still feels like a daunting task and I am now waiting for the moment of "How did I forget that one?" Anyway here they are in no particular order......

Because I was unable to actually narrow it down to Ten Books I decided to be sneaky and create a new author section. Sarah Jio I just found this last year and I love her books. Blackberry Winter was my first and my favourite. FYI! If you post a comment on her books on GoodReads she responds... so wickedly awesome! I love Philippa Gregory and especially any book that involves the River family. I must check out my family tree and see if some how I am related to them! 

Yes I am being sneaky again..... self help just can't go in a Top 10 List so I decided that they get their own category as well. After all this is my blog and I get to make my own rules.... for the love of books give me a break! 

If you have read any of these books I would love to hear your thoughts minus spoiler alerts! If this list prompts you to pick one of these books up, please let me know. If you are a book lover which most likely you are if you got this far down the page then come on over to and give us a like!