Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Shannon White's Will Do List 2014!

Shannon's 2014 Will Do List!


1.      Continue working hard with my trainer/ coach. After my first 10 sessions are up, evaluate if I want to take a break for golf season and follow my program then go back in the fall and work with him again?
2.     NO more focusing on the scale! I will weigh myself at the 1st of every month starting January 1st 2014.
3.      My goals are to see the inches fall off and build strength seeing my body tighten and body fat decrease. By March 16th, I should start to see results.
4.      Commit to 4 days a week in the gym, and 1 day a week with my trainer.
5.      Sunday food prep to continue, eat clean all week and allow myself cheat meals when I want within reason, and not feel guilty about it.
6.      I WANT to feel amazing and 100% confident in a bikini this summer! This goal was about 60% attained in my 2013 Will Do, NO EXCUSES for this summer!


1.     Love myself, look in the mirror everyday and tell myself that I am beautiful and deserving of everything great in life. Be 100% confident with myself and my body. It's the only one I got, I need to ROCK it.
2.   Be open to LOVE again this year. I found love in 2013, and experience heartbreak too. I am strong, and I want to find love again in 2014. My heart is open.
3.      If i enter into any new relationship in 2014, my will do for myself is that I need to keep my health and fitness goals in place and not let my partner railroad my dreams and goals.
4.      I won't settle for less anymore, in a partner I want them to adore me, to love me, and to tell me I'm the best part of their day. No more settling!
5.      I will go on an adventure in my JEEP! I'd like to travel to Alberta and see the mountains and visit Jasper.
6.      I will ride my mountain bike more than once this year. Time to take it out and get it muddy with the JEEP.
7.      I will take my new found strength from training and apply it to my golf game. I want to break 100 on every golf game this season. My strength will help me with my game. I want to be focused and not sloppy!


1.      I want to start saving money. Get back on a budget pay off my credit card and save towards a house! I really want to buy a Husky puppy, but I can't until I have a yard!


1.      I want to finally finish my Disability 303 course by the end of the year.
2.      2013 was an amazing year for working with new clients. I built up my business by about 70% from the year before. I want to work with lots of new clients this year. I love helping people, and I love what I do.

2014 will be a year of fitness and personal goals for me. Strong is the new SKINNY! I want to be strong and sexy in 2014! I'm going to ROCK my 30's... Whoop Whoop!