Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Kim Lee's Will Do 2014!

Will Do2014


1.This year we are going to take a minimal of 2 trips.

-Planning for Mexico in March J

-Heading to Vancouver in August.

-Hopefully sneak in a trip to Phoenix.

2. Simplify/clean my life.

- Lose the excess junk in my home, and create a clean up list to tackle each room in the house.

- Drop poor relationships and create stronger ones.

3. Come from a place of yes, unless it conflicts with my simplify.

4. Don’t rush, enjoy the day and moment. Hold doors for strangers and be kind in general, as it makes a difference.



5. Create a better self image.

- Don’t be so hard on myself.

- Allow for spontaneity.

6. Show appreciation to loved ones through words or kind gestures.

7. Plan for family events, such as swimming, bowling, mini put, even hiking and picnics.

8. Try new activities.

- rafting, paddle boarding, a full spin class ;), TRX etc.

9. Get out of my comfort zone, approach others, go after what you want, and stand my ground J

10.  Have a larger garden this year.

11.  Every month I will revisit this list to make sure I am on track.


Health and Fitness

1. Do yoga 3 times a week to improve my core and flexibility.

2.Complete a half marathon. Lululemon sea wheeze in August.

3.Train Cujo to run “with” me and get into a routine of running with her.


4.Fundraise and run for the MS Enerflex run and the Cancer Underwear affair.

5.Meditate weekly.

6. Complete several more runs, Color me rad, Spartan, Ladies Fest etc.


Career (As I do not work outside of the home currently, I create a career as a homemaker J)

1.Continue to recycle and decrease the amount of non renewable resources that I buy.

2.Create and swap out toxic household cleaners for home made products.

3.Buy beauty products and home essentials that comply with green, clean and animal cruelty-free regulations.




1. Create a travel account and add to it monthly.

2.Pay off remaining student loan.

3.Stick to my budget, revisit it daily, weekly and monthly to stay on track.

4.Open a RRSPD, as it is different from the basic RRSP. Since I am classified as disabled through the government they will also contribute. more money, why not!



** All the pictures here are of some amazing times I’ve had this year. All of these I wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for my 2013 will do list.  There are only 4 photos but I have numerous more. The experiences I have had this year and the friends I have made are irreplaceable, and I couldn’t ask for more**