Friday, 29 June 2012

100 Mile Relay!

You know those events that sound like a great idea 6 months before they are going to happen.....

Enter in the Waterton Glacier Relay affectionately known as the WG2. You have your option of a 4, 8 or 12 person team that each completes their leg of an overall 100 mile relay. We went with the 8 person team so each runner completes 3 legs of the race.  Now the fun begins..... team meet up time was 1:30 "am" yep "am"! Loading up the vehicles in a torrential downpour.

Then we are off to the race start. Registration at the lovely hour of 3am and then the race begins at 4am! Sounds like fun so far doesn't it?! Now this is no normal 100 miles its WG2 after all,  so we have to throw in some extras. This race begins in Cardston, Alberta Canada and ends in East Glacier Park, Montana US. How cool is that?! You are running through the mountains of the Canadian/US border. Running mountains therefore means the favourite pastime of all runners- Hills! and man there were a few hills...... I was running number 8 and my first leg was a wonderful "hill"! As I trucked along the hill wondering " I thought my friends liked me?" "they obviously think you can do it! So go...." as I continued my climb I came across another female runner making her way and my thoughts as I passed her "I guess her friends don't like her either" The funny s%#t we think when running, LOL!!!

Despite the 1:30 am wake up call for those who actually went to sleep, followed by a very early start time this was an incredible experience! 2 vehicle loads of your friends taking turns passing on the baton to take on their own next personal challenge. Running your leg not wanting to let down your other team mates. God forbid if you slowed up the team.... the abuse we put ourselves through, LOL!!

 A truly great bonding experience..... 

WG2 is an excellent "team" event! So many times with running its really just you and only you at the end of the day. With WG2 its all about the team.... living each mile thinking of your friend pounding the pavement or trail.  Watching your friends put it all out there on those hills. New runners pushing themselves to new levels. Encouraging your friends "you got this!" High 5's and lots of mini celebrations through the route. 

There is a catch to my blog today.... I know I love sharing my adventures with you but I am hoping this one may intrigue you to give WG2 a spot on your bucket list!  The WG2 team does an excellent job with this event, you can see their passion and general desire for this to be a successful event. WG2 needs their registration numbers to increase for this event to continue so I am reaching out to you crazy adventurous spirits and asking you to seriously consider getting a group of friends together to complete this event! Come on I know you want too..... 

If that isn't enough for you how about a little race swag to entice you further?! 

Bear Bait's race swag! 

Thank you to my amazing friends for inviting me to participate in team "Bear Bait" 
Ivan for all his organization as the team Captain! 
Joe and Mason for being our team photographer but more importantly our cheerleaders while on the road! 

Thank you to the WG2 team for putting together this event! Thanks to you I have a memory to last a lifetime of a great weekend spent with even greater friends!

For more info check out the Waterton Glacier Relay website

You can also like their facebook page