Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Let’s be realistic everyone is money conscious these days and personal training can and does add up?! After all you can sign up at the local gym hit the treadmill, then make your way around the training circuit or perhaps enjoy a group class. That is fantastic! Sometimes we are looking for that little bit more. Maybe you’re just starting out or getting back into fitness, perhaps you want to tie your fitness goals in to match your lifestyle and hobbies,  or you want to lose weight or sometimes you just need that extra accountability to ensure those workouts get done.  Wherever you are on your journey a Personal Trainer might be just what you are looking for?

  • You don’t know where to start! Sitting down and creating your own exercise program and schedule can be overwhelming all on its own then add in the knowledge it takes to choose the exercises, complete the exercises with correct form and then keeping yourself accountable. This alone could be your stumbling block to forget the whole crazy idea. Working with a personal trainer they will create a schedule that meets your specific goals, maximizing the use of your available time while providing you with the knowledge to complete the program and adding that extra much needed accountability. The “tough love” 
  • You are not seeing results! If you have been consistent with your workouts for several weeks or months and you are still not seeing the gains or shall we call them losses hiring a trainer might be your golden ticket. A trainer can look at your current training program, eating habits and help you see where you can make some changes to be more effective in fueling your body and workouts.  A trainer can work with you on your goals. Are they SMART- specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely?! They can hold you accountable and help to motivate you to take those workouts to a new level. Perhaps you are getting results and your unable to see them. A trainer can help provide that 20/20 vision from seeing on the outside.
  • You are bored and need the challenge! Perhaps you have been following the same old routine and exercises and need a little something added to your workout?! Maybe your  workouts have gotten easier because you have gotten better? Sometimes we are so used to our own routine and our self-perceived limitations that working with a trainer can push us outside of our usual bubble. A trainer can introduce you to fresh new ideas, equipment to challenge you in different ways. Even setting up a workout with a trainer once a week, every couple weeks or once a month to give you that additional push and variety in your workout can be that much needed change to inspire all your workouts. That one workout will always be the one that you push a little harder and possible even surprise yourself of what you are truly capable of.
  • You have a specific injury, illness or condition! If you have any specific health injuries working with a personal trainer in partnership with your doctor and/or physical therapist can be beneficial in the healing of an existing injury but also in avoiding any future problems. Your program can be created specifically for you and your health concerns.
  • Training for a specific sport or event!  Perhaps you have an upcoming running race in mind? Thinking about completing your first ever Triathlon?  You want to improve your golf game? Your trainer can complete a training program specific to your sport of choice with a timeline specific to meeting your goal.  
  • You want to workout at home or perhaps at the office? If your preference is to completely avoid the crowds and enjoy your workout within your own home or office a personal trainer could be a great choice for you. If you don’t have any equipment your trainer could bring the gym to you. Or perhaps you have some equipment but you are not sure how to use it. Your trainer could even provide you with insight on what equipment you might want to include into your home gym.

Still unsure if a Personal Trainer can provide benefit to your training?! Most trainers offer a free 30 minute consultation where you can discuss your goals, what you want to accomplish and basically if I was you- interview them! Are they the person who will push you? Will they be able to inspire you when you are not in the mood for that workout? Are they focused on what you want to accomplish? Is this the person who you can have that fabulous “love/hate” relationship with?! Do they get you and do you get them?!

Yvonne Bainbridge
Eat Well. Be Active

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