Sunday, 20 April 2014

Creating Your "OWN" nutritional lifestyle choice?!

I jumped into the 21 Day Fix program as an experiment. Wanting to continue my knowledge and experimenting with ways to continue to perfect my own nutrition and food lifestyle choices. Going in I knew I was going to have to make adjustments as I am mainly Paleo So the lovely yellow container affords me sweet potatoes, my treat of almond milk and my 2 pieces of chocolate. At least I still get a few good things. 

When I originally went Paleo I followed the Whole 30 route and truly recommend that to everyone but that's a separate blog. Within a couple weeks of the whole 30 I started experiencing light headnesses, dizziness when standing etc. My response was to just power through as I was near the end of the thirty days (I'm not always super smart) once I began living a dirty paleo lifestyle I was able to get my BP issues in order mainly with yes I'm going to be honest potato chips- salt, salt and more salt! Good quality gluten-free real potato chips! Maybe not my best choice but it worked like a hot damn. 

Now entering into the beginning stages of the 21 Day Fix I was hit with my symptoms in less then 24 hours. Ridiculous amounts of dizziness, feeling like I was in a brain fog and even moments where I was concerned that I was going to black out. So I returned to my tried and true my Potato Chips. In a much smaller controlled quantity and started adding sea salt to my morning water. I saw some improvement but not enough to be safe. 21 Day Fix allows for carbs and although many items on the list are a still a no for me due to how they make me feel I decided to play a little bit. Finally I am out of my brain fog, my issues of light headnesses are less frequent but my stomach isn't happy. I am near the end of my first round and experiment of the 21 Day Fix. I have already started the reflection period and planning how I'm going to continue to play and create that perfect nutritional lifestyle that matches my body! 

My second round is going to consist of putting together what I love best of both lifestyle choices! For me the 21 Day Fix is the ultimate in accountability for me to eat my veggies! I need that accountability! I'm not a huge fruit eater so everyone's favourite purple is a work in progress for me and I will be aiming to hit half of my purple goal daily.  Now the paleo side of life.... I love how my body responds and performs using fat as it's primary fuel source. Unfortunately for me the 21 day Fix is limited on its allowable containers of fat. That is an area that I will be adjusting to fit my own personal nutritional needs. 

In researching other people who have experienced similar issues I have found some additional ideas and one that makes me smile! Carbs are still an important piece of the puzzle so I will be adding more sweet potatoes, pumpkin, using fruit for its carbs qualities and the exciting part I'm going to be including some white rice into my weekly meal planning! Oh yes you read right..... Formally known as white death will be joining my nutritional plan. I have no poor side effects from it and it's a food I love! I will also be making it a focus to complete my daily sea salt added to my morning water ritual. 

My long winded get to the point! Life is an experiment and so is our nutrition. Everyone's body works in a different way and has it's own side effects. No one cookie cutter style of nutrition works for everyone. Take the time to experiment and actually get to know your body! Complete a detox and clean up your system then add one food group at a time seeing how your body responds? Keep a diary if you need too? It's a very empowering process to actually be aware and learn what your body is trying to tell you! Be creative and create "your" own nutritional code that works for YOU! 


Results from my Round 2 on the 21 Day Fix with Paleo inspiration! 
Down 8 lbs and lost 2" off my waist and an 1" off both my chest and hips! Oh yeah baby!