Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Where Do You Come Up With These Things?!

Yesterday I was asked "How do you pick/find these goals.....

Well it is has been WAY too long since my last blog and having the inspiration to jump onto my soapbox to talk about one of my favourite topics- GOALS!!!


It all starts off as inspiration. You know those moments where you hear someone's story, an ad in a magazine for some adventure or perhaps hint, hint get inspired from reading a blog. The "BIG" difference is seeing that inspiration and not saying "I wish I could do something like that" but instead "Hey I could do that" Its all in the attitude and being honest with yourself.

I have changed my mindset when I decide if I am going to do something, anything. Work related, personal! No longer do I start with "Could I" as I know I can do anything. The question is "Do I want to?" and "Would I enjoy it?"  Example:  a yeah for me was deciding to complete a marathon. I was doing well with my running and I enjoyed it. I had a friend who was willing to put in the time with me. I found a place that inspired me.  to complete it. It all fit so it was a "yes". On the flipside I have considered if I wanted to go completely crazy and compete in a figure competition. So the questions start?! The workouts- I'm golden no worries now the flipside the food.... eating all those egg whites, no wine, the carb depletion at the end! It's a total "No" for me at this point. Could I, yes! Does my desire outweigh the process, not today! Be truthful and honest with yourself and don't use the negatives as an excuse to not do something that you really want. Remember big goals are scary.

Lets move ourselves forward to my current "BHAG" - Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

 On a recent trip to Mexico on a day excursion to Playa de Carmen it was mentioned to my friend and I that Sunday was a great day to go to Cozumel. Appears Sunday is the only day that there is no cruise ships and added bonus the Ironman was currently under way.  Insert here- I have watched Ironman since I was a little kid and wondered why couldn't I do something like that?  I have seen the proud owners of the Ironman insignia tattooed on their calves and instantly allocated a location for the future " just in case". Within a month of seeing the Ironman at Cozumel the Hawaii Ironman magically appears on the TV. Considering I am not a TV watcher the chances that I caught this great event was very slim. Are you seeing the stars align?! During the event they showed a flashback of the 1982 Ironman where a 23 year old women was in the lead and within yards of the finish line her body began to betray her. Watching her push herself to the finishline as she repeatedly collapses. As she made her way to the finish line she was passed by another female who then took the winners medal. Still inspired to get it done she dug deep and crawled her way to the finish line. As I watched this flashback I knew I had seen this race when I was a kid. In Cozumel we saw people all shape, sizes and ages. Including a gentleman who was running with his prosthetic  So here I am with two perfectly although well used legs?! The wheels started turning- "I want to compete in an Ironman!" So the big decision is made now the important enticing additional inspiration, picking the location?! Oh yeah! So my good friend "Google" and I got right at. At first I was disappointed as no location really spoke to me and then voilĂ  I saw a picture of an event called the "Vineman Ironman" um hello!! Remember prior comment about fitness competition and not being able to have wine. It is a glorious fit! This Vineman Ironman is known as a beginner triathlon, the course takes you through the Sonoma Valley Wineries. Can you not hear the angels singing.....  Now with all SMART goals we need a timeline. 2013 will be there 23rd year running this event. So that means 2015 will be there "25th" anniversary event!!! Oh yes! That gives me 2 years to get ready!!! and time to possibly recruit a few friends, Mmwwaahhh! 

So tell me what is your BHAG?! What is it that you know deep inside that you have always wanted to try?! What makes you nervous, scared and excited all at the same time?! That should be your BHAG! If you honestly don't feel one deep down in your core. Stop and look around?! There are opportunities everywhere its just a matter of not being so busy that you can't see them. Then believing in yourself that "I can indeed make it happen!"

Need a little further inspiration?! Here is the video of  Julie Moss completing the 1982 Ironman.