Saturday, 5 January 2013

Stephanie's Will Do List for 2013

Stephanie's 2013 Will Do List

    I will establish and maintain order in my home
    I will begin a gratitude journal and write at least three things I am grateful for every day
    I will run and bike 1427 miles, the equivalent of driving to Mesa, AZ. before my birthday
    I will do all I can to regain the full use and strength of my right wrist
    I will plan meals in advance and shop accordingly
    I will strive to maintain a positive energy and outlook on life
    I will finish my wolf cross-stitch
    I will learn ways to improve my relationships with others
    I will continue to read the scriptures every day
    I will explore what it means to me to live beautifully    


Friday, 4 January 2013

Tanya's Will Do for 2013!

Tanya's Fitness Goals for 2013

Moonlight Run
Walking the Calgary Half Marathon
Run 1-2 other random 5kms (undetermined at this point) 
JELF - first 12 weeks of 2013. Then again starting in fall 2013
Take a yoga class

"Learn to eat to live, not live to eat"

Liane's Will Do List for 2013

Liane's Will Do List for 2013

  • Run Phoenix Full Marathon 
  • Run the Whitefish Marathon
  • Run the San Fran or Kelowna Marathon ( fingers crossed for San Fran!) 
  • For the first time in 3 years... Put running lower on my priority list
  • Start circuit training workouts 3-4 nights a week with my husband
  • Be a supportive and encouraging workout partner to him! (i've lost sight of this in the last year and i need to put him first again!) 
  • Have fun training for the Elkwater Tri in August along with my family and friends! 
  • Try my hardest to limit eating past 8 p.m.
  • Reduce my process sugar intake


  • Read more books! 
  • Take more pictures and videos of my family, i am so bad at this! 
  • Hug my kids more often
  • Kiss my husband more often
  • Compliment friends and strangers more often 
  • Weekly random acts of kindness 
  • Be thankful for all I am blessed with! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Cassidy's Will Do for 2013

Cassidy's Will Do for 2013


Join the Calgary Dragon Boat team (January)
Zumba starting in January
Red Deer Half Marathon in May
Underwear affair in June
Compete in the IDFA in June 
Colour Me Rad in July


Have more confidence
Spend less time on my phone
Read more
Continue to complete more AFLCA courses

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rachelle's Will Do List for 2013!

Rachelle's Will Do List for 2013

*Be kind to myself..I've been a "yes" person my entire life. No more.

*Run 1200 miles in 2013 (I did 500 with a 5 month "break" so this should be fine) this is 100 a month

*Classes 3x's a week and a monthly schedule on the fridge to mark them off.

*Start and Finish Les Mills Combat..ALL THE WAY. See it through. Sounds easy to most but start to finish hasn't happened yet for me.

*Run the Warrior Dash in June, BIX 7 in July, The Quad Cities 1/2 in September (I'm not ready to COMMIT to the full yet that depends on training and my state of mind but it's possible.) Illinois 1/2 is on the look list for short term goal in April. Several fun 5k's are on the schedule too.

*Run the NIKE Women's (1/2) Marathon in San Francisco with my die hard, live big or go home CANADIAN FRIENDS!!

*Get some ripped arms! Build the guns.. my favorite part of me needs to be enhanced to the max.

*Enjoy my own family. I've done my best to take care of everyone else and now it's time for me and mine. Spend more quality time with our kids and grandchildren.

*Get outdoors daily. FRESH AIR.!

*Travel without guilt. This is "our" time and my husband has worked his 59 years for us to enjoy these times together.

*Smile and genuinely be happy..random acts of kindness will continue..I just don't believe in posting them. They are between me and God as always.

Wanda's Will Do List for 2013!

 Doers and Dreamers


  • Meet Bon Jovi with my sister, Wendy, on April 2/13 and party backstage like it’s 1987.
  • Plan a trip for some place hot,with someone hot, when it’s not so hot.
  • Find an apartment with a full size stove in Fort McMurray. Trust me, this is not as easy as it might seem.
  • Wear a 2 piece bathing suit with confidence.
  • Swim in the Atlantic Ocean in August (whilst wearing above said 2 piece bathing suit)
  • Stop taking blood pressure medication.
  • Have a positive balance in my savings account.


  • Wear tight leather pants on April 2/13 and look half decently good (see Dreamers list, 1st line)
  • Underwear Affair 10K, June 1/13, Calgary Alberta
  • Nike Women’s Half Marathon in California, October/13
  • Get my “mouse” tattoo in memory of my Dad, as that was his nickname for me.
  • Learn to speak French.
  • I’d like to say lose 50 lbs. However, realizing that a number on a scale is not indicative of where I’d like to be for my goal, I will say my goal is to shape and mould my body into a toned, fit, healthy 39-40 year old.
  • Do a random act of kindness on a weekly basis.
  • Smile. Every day.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wendy's Will Do for 2013!

Wendy's Will Do List for 2013

Family & Personal

*Stop being so hard on myself for things I don't always accomplish. Dust myself off, then try again.
*Keep working on financial freedom---there is much to do!
*Organize, rid, free up, delegate, enlighten, breathe!
*Take 15 minutes AT LEAST every day to read something to enhance personal development.
*Move to a new city--Take Two! On to newer & better things!
* "Rush Less, Savour more"

*Work from home in 6 months
*Have a book or e-book published in one year
*Research & devise plan to get nutrition/fitness certification
*Keep growing ISFP & S2F; keep helping people find their fit selves.

*Super Spartan Miami
*Nike Marathon *YIKES*
*Regain and surpass my fitness level since I broke my arm
*2013/2014 Fitness Competition
*Work on my own personal nutrition--2013..The Year of the (better) Abs. :-)

Beth's Will Do List 2013

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shannon's 2013 Goals


Focus on my fitness goals 
Start Beach Body Brazilian Butt Lift and go hard with it!
Get back into my clean eating routine, but allow myself to still enjoy lift
Get back to planning my meals for the week
Keep up with food prep on Sundays
Changes I want to see with my fitness goals. Drop inches off my hips, my tummy and     thighs
Stop worrying about my weight, focus on the inches, they are dress sizes!


Finish my disability course and sign up for my CFP course to finish my CHS designation
Continue to keep up my hard work and build up my client base
Keep true to my ethics and who I am
Learn to communicate better with my co-workers and clients
Build and put in place my career path plan and what I really want and where I see my  career going
Get better organized with my paperwork, commission tracking and keep on top of it
Get out and be more apart of the community, learn to meet others and network


Continue to love myself for who I am and who I will grow to be as a women 
Tell myself every morning in the mirror that I am strong and beautiful and can do anything I  set my mind too 
I deserve to be happy
Start volunteering, and make a difference in the world
Love my family like there is no tomorrow
Pay off all of my debt!
Love my friends, and start new relationships
Stop living in the past, open my heart to new beginnings
Dream like I have never dreamed before
Find LOVE! I would be so blessed to find love and create beautiful memories.

2013 will be amazing!