Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rachelle's Will Do List for 2013!

Rachelle's Will Do List for 2013

*Be kind to myself..I've been a "yes" person my entire life. No more.

*Run 1200 miles in 2013 (I did 500 with a 5 month "break" so this should be fine) this is 100 a month

*Classes 3x's a week and a monthly schedule on the fridge to mark them off.

*Start and Finish Les Mills Combat..ALL THE WAY. See it through. Sounds easy to most but start to finish hasn't happened yet for me.

*Run the Warrior Dash in June, BIX 7 in July, The Quad Cities 1/2 in September (I'm not ready to COMMIT to the full yet that depends on training and my state of mind but it's possible.) Illinois 1/2 is on the look list for short term goal in April. Several fun 5k's are on the schedule too.

*Run the NIKE Women's (1/2) Marathon in San Francisco with my die hard, live big or go home CANADIAN FRIENDS!!

*Get some ripped arms! Build the guns.. my favorite part of me needs to be enhanced to the max.

*Enjoy my own family. I've done my best to take care of everyone else and now it's time for me and mine. Spend more quality time with our kids and grandchildren.

*Get outdoors daily. FRESH AIR.!

*Travel without guilt. This is "our" time and my husband has worked his 59 years for us to enjoy these times together.

*Smile and genuinely be happy..random acts of kindness will continue..I just don't believe in posting them. They are between me and God as always.