Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shannon's 2013 Goals


Focus on my fitness goals 
Start Beach Body Brazilian Butt Lift and go hard with it!
Get back into my clean eating routine, but allow myself to still enjoy lift
Get back to planning my meals for the week
Keep up with food prep on Sundays
Changes I want to see with my fitness goals. Drop inches off my hips, my tummy and     thighs
Stop worrying about my weight, focus on the inches, they are dress sizes!


Finish my disability course and sign up for my CFP course to finish my CHS designation
Continue to keep up my hard work and build up my client base
Keep true to my ethics and who I am
Learn to communicate better with my co-workers and clients
Build and put in place my career path plan and what I really want and where I see my  career going
Get better organized with my paperwork, commission tracking and keep on top of it
Get out and be more apart of the community, learn to meet others and network


Continue to love myself for who I am and who I will grow to be as a women 
Tell myself every morning in the mirror that I am strong and beautiful and can do anything I  set my mind too 
I deserve to be happy
Start volunteering, and make a difference in the world
Love my family like there is no tomorrow
Pay off all of my debt!
Love my friends, and start new relationships
Stop living in the past, open my heart to new beginnings
Dream like I have never dreamed before
Find LOVE! I would be so blessed to find love and create beautiful memories.

2013 will be amazing!