Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wendy's Will Do for 2013!

Wendy's Will Do List for 2013

Family & Personal

*Stop being so hard on myself for things I don't always accomplish. Dust myself off, then try again.
*Keep working on financial freedom---there is much to do!
*Organize, rid, free up, delegate, enlighten, breathe!
*Take 15 minutes AT LEAST every day to read something to enhance personal development.
*Move to a new city--Take Two! On to newer & better things!
* "Rush Less, Savour more"

*Work from home in 6 months
*Have a book or e-book published in one year
*Research & devise plan to get nutrition/fitness certification
*Keep growing ISFP & S2F; keep helping people find their fit selves.

*Super Spartan Miami
*Nike Marathon *YIKES*
*Regain and surpass my fitness level since I broke my arm
*2013/2014 Fitness Competition
*Work on my own personal nutrition--2013..The Year of the (better) Abs. :-)