Tuesday, 29 November 2011

"Will Do Lists"

   We are getting close to that time of year when everyone starts thinking about their new year's resolution!
I am sure there are lots of others who think the same as me of New Year's resolution- a commitment that if they don't screw it up the first day due to being hungover from the night before it quickly looses its zest within a week or two, if you really stretch it maybe a month. Then its all over until the next year.

  I was inspired 2 years ago not for a New Year's resolution but a "Will Do List" for the entire year. This funny enough coincided with my year long challenges which yes they were part of my 'will do lists'. A 'will do list' is very different than a New Year's resolution. First off New year's resolutions are traditionally unrealistic with no  real plan in place to make them happen. Remember without a plan a goal is only a wish. Besides its hard to make a commitment that is going to last for entire year. Believe me I know! I am about to head into a crazy one in this upcoming year but that is another blog!

 A 'will do list' can contain ideas from all parts of your life: family, career, fitness, health, friends, activities, interests, learning, new hobbies! You name it! Think about what is the most important part of your life or perhaps there is something new you want to introduce into your life. What things if you focused on them for a year could make a huge impact on your life. That's a 'will do list!

Let's have some fun with this- Let's pretend an item on our 'will do list' is to reach out and contact an old friend. Awesome! Now let's take it a step further- remember we have a year. How about contacting one old friend a month. Simple right! Phones work two ways and we always have facebook! In the next year you could reconnect with 12 people that this time next year will be a part of your life. Who doesn't have room for more friends?!  The trick is to commit to it! Get it on paper! Share with your friends. Inspire others to join you!

This last year I wanted to make sure my goals were somewhere that I could see them so I printed them off and placed them in a nice frame-  Trick: place it somewhere that you will see it everyday! Imagine having your 'will do list' framed and in the bathroom so that you get a peek at each and every morning. Now don't tell me that won't help with the focus!

This year I have started on my "Will do List" and decided to create a vision board. It was a fun adventure going through my crazy collection of magazines (yes I have a problem). On top of it all I was inspired by a picture I saw and randomly decided that it needed to be included on my "will do list" . Go ahead, act like a kid again and have fun with pictures and scissors.

( See the crazy woman there; the one ready to do a pull up with one arm)
That is going on my "Will do List' oh yeah baby!!!

   Have fun and create your own "Will do List" and even better share it with me and many others! We all love the inspiration!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ramp up to Big Sur- Week 22!

   Wow! Week 22- well what do I say about this week?! Well thankfully I have started my training far in advance that I have allowed myself the ability to have a rest week every 5-6 weeks. As I mentioned last week I got really sick and that pretty much took over most of last week. Thankfully to my pre- thinking and pre- planning I am suppose to be enjoying a rest week this week..... well no longer! I got to have a restful week sick as a dog with that damn flu last week so this week its all back to work. My mileage from last week has quickly been transferred over to this week and voila' here we are....

  The night before this weeks long run I heard rumour of the weather changing! I live in one of the windiest cities in Canada so weather change and your running schedule have a huge interest in the other. Weather report dictated a 80K plus wind..... yowzer! Upon waking up this morning I quickly looked at the weather and it was a beautiful 10 degrees oh yeah and at this point only 18km wind! I was in and I knew I had only a small window before that would change..... on went the gear and out the door I went. My run was one of the slowest runs of my career but I am okay with that considering the rough week I had prior. Funny enough it was one of the slowest runs of my career but at the same time I missed most of my minute breaks during my 10 n 1 run. No need- no desire! Just my nice slow steady pace- I will take it and consider it another successful run!!

Turn of events- I mentioned earlier the weather.... well she came out like a fierce storm. I believe the winds hit 100K today! You could not physically stand in one spot unless you were holding onto something. It was utter craziness! After a grocery shop and incredibly interesting time getting the cart to the truck and holding it  in place while loading our wares. Then home James! Upon getting home we looked outside and there was this weird wind storm picking up... really dark?! At first I thought it was a hurricane en route, wrong again! Lethbridge was hit with multiple grass fires and one was just outside my backyard. Grass fires and 80 plus winds- no big deal! Holy!! Evacuation  Alerts and the whole bit! So I question you- evacuation alert- what would you pack?! As my pictures are all safely saved on my laptop ready to go at a given notice my next stop for what needed to be rescued- my running medals! and not only mine but my Mom and Grandfathers. Those were worked for, earned and truly irreplaceable. Everything else is a great reason to go shopping once all is said and done! Obviously there were a few other sentimental items but the medals were the first of my concern! I am so proud of the medals that my Mom and Grandfather gave to me. How many people can say they ran a half marathon with their parent and then be the grandchild that gets those medals?! After a crazy emotional evening this runner is done and needs to get a good nights sleep! Maybe I will dream about my future medals?!