Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ramp Up to Big Sur Week 8

Week 9 and 8 is where the cold reality of marathon training really begins. It has been a really rough few weeks for me. Week 10 I hinted in my blog about my body not recovering fast enough and the mileage taking its toll. I was smart and listened to my body and took my week of recover. Usually during a week of recover I will still do some time of exercise-not this time! Full on out of commission for the entire week! 

  First training run back was one of those much loved long steady runs: 29-30K.  The night before I was filled with dread. Full on "why are you doing this? What are you thinking?" Friends of mine had a birthday party that night and everyone was having a blast. The thought of being irresponsible, joining into the fun and sabotaging my run was very much up, front and center in my mind. Well nope I held strong, had my 2 drinks, lots of water, watched the fights and went home immediately afterward to get some much needed sleep. Thankfully I made the ever important "run date". Upon waking up that morning it was the "only" reason I made it out the door. My speedy ever enthusiastic friends were ready to go..... I was on the fake till you make it plan! Early in the run my biggest cheerleader does his usual check in- "how you doing?' my response on that lovely morning. "I'm just going to smile and nod" So smile I did until approx 3-4K in, my knee felt like someone stuck a knife into it. As I knew my mental game was off I told myself " really?! you will look for any excuse to not run today" I continued to focus on the run and see if it got better or worse. Well worse it got! I called her quits at 6K with my entire left side in pain from hip to ankle. My friends continued off on their run and I  took the 1.5K short-cut back. That was one brutal kilometre and an half. I am still not sure if the pain throbbing through the entire of my body was the worst part or the mental abuse I was putting myself through. I started that run with such negative emotions that although my pain was very genuine I kept telling myself it was because "I didn't want to do it"" The mind is powerful and you were looking for an excuse to stop!"  Damn Type "A" personality. Needless to say the rest of that day was a right off. I spent the day stretching, medicating myself, bonding with my ice pack and tennis ball. Although I was quite happy to justify the ruin of that run as a mental undoing I spent the next 5 days in pain. Needless to say my body created an additional recovery week for itself.

  Well sometimes you just can't win!!! Now I bring you to this past Sunday. I know you are on the edge of your seat to find out how this run went.... well ha! ha! ha! It appears that the world and my body were not done. Physical injury aside this Sunday was spent mostly in bed yep! a cold! Originally I thought I could ride my bike, go to bed, ride my back, go to bed. Yes I know that Type "A" thing again! So I took the neck test. Neck test you ask?!- if you are sick from the neck up you can train, neck down you need to take it easy or not all! Well my cold was definitely in my chest and energy was non existent! Another long training run down. 

Which finally brings me to today! I have spent the last few days having a pity party while making plans on my action battle to get my training back in order. The one side of my brain is all over it! I know all the right things to say but the other side of my brain is not buying in. Thankfully it is a beautiful sunny day here and I took a look at my lovely fur babies and asked them the question "Girls, wanna run? Go run with Mom?!" Their excitement and enthusiasm was way too funny. I think if they could have peed their pants in excitement they would have. So off we went..... a short 6K that thankfully felt pretty good. I know I have to be very aware of my left side as it is still very sore and feeling weak but at least I got out there.... 

The mileage is on the calendar, I know the words to say and think?! I just have to find a way to make myself really believe it!!! So here is to a new page, grabbing my fitness by the horns and getting a move on..... and more importantly proving they are not just words!