Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ramp Up to Big Sur- Week 23

Well week 23 has been a week of its own....

   I started the week off strong with last Sunday's run, a great time at Monday's kickboxing class then.... it was about an hour after kickboxing I realized I was tired not normal tired. My body was exhausted. Weird! I just racked it up to the start of the training and my body adjusting. Later that night at 11:30pm to be exact I woke up to my throat completely raw, nose stuffed up and knew I was sick. Damn! Tues I managed to squeak out one of my friends daily fitness challenge. The 20 burpies did not feel good but I got them done and the other forms of entertainment that were attached. I knew I should have started with the burpies. Wed came around and I didn't feel a 100% but I didn't feel bad either. Now comes in the test! Yes the test! Anyone who is into fitness knows when you are not feeling good there is a test- "The Neck Test" if your symptoms are from the neck up your good to go, if your symptoms are from the neck down you need to take it easy and possibly a break. Okay most likely a break is the true answer. On Wed I passed the neck test so woo hoo! off I went for a short training run. I took my puppies so it would be a nice pace and I wouldn't push my luck. After my wonderful run on Wednesday my week progressed rapidly downhill. Cold/flu is definitely in my body. I have lost my voice for 3 days- ( insert cheering here). No workouts completed Friday or Saturday minus very short walks with my girls due to freezing temps!! Now Sunday is my long distance training run.....what to do, what to do?! I took the neck test and unfortunately I do have this slight feeling of someone physically standing on my chest. Yet I could not stand the thought of another idle day. Plan B- spin bike it is!! I have learnt over the last couple of days that I have energy for fleeting moments so I decided to break up my ride. Nothing too exciting but I rode my bike 3 times for 15 min intervals. Excitedly each interval I covered more distance and needless to say faster. Honestly it felt so good to sweat- My image was the sweat taking the toxins away!!! I will know later if what I did was a good idea but for today it made me feel just a little bit human again!