What is a Challenge Group?

Are you aware that 80% of people FAIL at what ever weight loss program or lifestyle change they choose within just three weeks? All because they lacked SUPPORT. 

Think about how much having accountability does for you at work, school and accomplishing our own tasks and goals. Yet rarely does anyone have this vital piece to the puzzle for the HARDEST task you face….weight loss.

Challenge groups are PRIVATE small groups that I run monthly on Facebook.
 You get ME as your COACH, a small group of like minded people working towards to similar health and fitness goals as yourself. 

Together we can discuss which program is BEST suited for you and your needs as well as discuss your nutritional options. You get exclusive motivation, small daily assignments and weekly add-on challenges. The benefit to the group is new found friendships and most importantly SUPPORT from your fellow comrades. There is always someone “there” to answer or hear your questions. 

To ensure your success there are some accountability guidelines to remain in the group, but as long as you continue to TRY, commit to the program tools and SHOW UP, 
you will ALWAYS have unconditional support.

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