Thursday, 27 December 2012

Rules for Learning to Live Beautifully?!

Inspire myself and others to Live Beautifully
 Through adventure, experiences and curiosity!”
1.                 1.         Wake up with intention.  Before you get out of bed take a few deep breaths and a minute to give thanks for the day. What do you want to appreciate, acknowledge and communicate in your life? Say out loud “Something wonderful is going to happen today"
  1. Make your bed. The act of making your bed contributes to your overall productiveness and encourages other healthy habits. “The Happiness Project” noted that making the bed was “the number one most impactful change that people brought up over and over.
  2. Simple Abundance.  Daily reflection from Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book “A Daybook of Comfort and Joy”
  3. Think Positive. This is the ultimate to living a beautiful life – thinking positive and believing in the good will attract other positive things and people into your life. Do not let negativity into your space and do not surround yourself with people that are negative- Energy Vampires.  Assume positive intent.
  4. Challenge Yourself. Get out of that comfort zone, do something unexpected, try something new! Everyone has dreams or wants to accomplish something. No matter how big or small – write it down, get focused and take action. Follow the principles in PUSH! Weekly Top 10 goals for the year, daily task lists and my “Will Do’s”.
  5. Do What You Love. Life is too short to wake up and hate what you do. Live you’re Passion. Even if you don’t get to make a living doing what you love, you should still find ways to fulfill that passion. Join a group, take a lesson, and explore your passions. Always be learning something new.
  6. Be Selfish.  As the Flight Attendant says “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others” You have to be a priority in your own life and you need to do things just for you. Do things for your health, your mind, your body and your soul. Treat yourself with something special?!  We only live once, no regrets
  7. Give a gift to everyone you meet. Smile, a word of thanks, a gesture of politeness, a sense of compassion. Seeking opportunities for Random Acts of kindness. Everyone appreciates getting help and everyone needs a little help. No one can live beautifully on their own, we all need support and help from our friends, peers, family and our community. Practice Sava- giving with no intention of receiving something in return.
  8. Practice Mindful Eating.  Be mindful of what you are eating. Engaging your senses. Eating quality vs quantity. Savoring small bits and chewing. Eating in moderation with awareness. Eating with gratitude. Being fully present with your food and those around you
  9. Being Mindful. Being present with the moment. “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” “When visiting with friends, visit. Taking time mid-day to regroup, daily meditation and practicing yoga min 3/week
  10. Nature Appreciation. Spending time each day with Mother Nature. Walking the pups, taking a break outdoors. Stopping and really taking a look at the scenery around me and using all my senses.
  11. Frugal Consumption.  Cutting back on spending that is not truly servicing ourselves.  Pause to think before purchasing. Creating a list before going to the grocery store. Quality vs. Quantity?! Do I really need another….. Being selective of those “BIG” purchases, bringing back the excitement of when you are getting something as a reward instead of just because you can.
  12. Celebrating Positive Moments.  Celebrating your accomplishments and those of others. Taking time at the end of each month to reflect on goals that have been accomplished. Celebrating them in your gratitude journal. Making my home a gallery of positive moments.
  13. Uncluttered Life. Less is definitely more! Purge and Organize! Everything with a purpose and a place. Follow a yearlong “get organized” program and work our weekly household checklist.
  14. Beauty Sleep. You can’t live a beautiful life tired! Turning all electronics off an hour before bed. Create a bedtime ritual. Aim for 6-7 hours’ sleep. If you have a specific time you have to get up work the clock backwards to figure out your go-to bed time.
  15. End your day with gratitude. Write down one wonderful thing that happened. Be grateful for the day as it will never come again