Sunday, 6 November 2011

Big Sur Ramp Up week 25

                               First official Week of Training!! 
                     "Bring It" was this weeks motto....

 Armed with my new Lulu gloves, I Phone with Nike GPS and  tunes- week one of training begins...

   I have know since the beginning that training this time is all about the mental game. The miles will just happen but your head has to be in the game and keep you going when everything else is yelling "Stop"! This is my tool to convince me that winter running is all part of the process to help me have a good marathon.  Well we wouldn't want Mother Nature to fail on her part so..... last Sunday was a great teaser to the start of my training. Beautiful, sunny, gorgeous day minus the 25K winds but whatever I live in Lethbridge its all part of the course. This Sundays long run  was initially postponed to happen later in the day. Something about -10 didn't excite me but something about -4 made me run right out the door. Its all about enjoying the honeymoon phase of your training.

   My body continues to amaze me at its ability to remember. I worked hard to become a runner! Every second running was a concious effort.... seriously!! and yet here I am with basically having taken a full year off and running 10-14K and feeling awesome! Thank you! Thank you! to my body and legs for committing with me and making this happen! The new theory is..... if I can go out with no training and bang off a 14K run whats a little Marathon with some actual training! We shall see how well that carries me later- LOL!