Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Yvonne's Will Do 2014

Will Do 2014


Books! Reading a book month inspired by a selection made from a friend

Blog! Weekly putting my thoughts into words and blogging my little heart out

Photography! Participating in Instagram’s Monthly Photo Challenges

Wanderlust! A trip to the South and one to Europe


 I am dedicating this year to nurturing my body! As my body is now my career and livelihood I need to ensure that I am putting the best step forward for it each and everyday!

Paleo! Living a full year of the Paleo Lifestyle

Triathlons! Lake Chapparel and Calgary

Marathon! Victoria BC in the Fall

Spartan Race/Underwear Affair

Yoga/Meditation! Maintaining a daily short practice of my own


Training! Complete a training course each quarter

Personal Development! Read a PD book once a month

Opportunity! Seeking opportunities to grow my business in turn enabling me to be more mobile

Business Plan! Follow through and make it happen on my more detailed business/career planning


Meet my Financial goals within my extensive Business Plan

Pay off vehicles

Living within my budget, means and respecting my purchases

Making steps Financially towards my even BIGGER goals for 2015/16!