Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ramp Up to Big Sur- Week 18

 With the end of a crazy work schedule, the holidays and knees that are starting to feel a little bit sore I must say I was very happy when my calendar organized itself nicely to give me a rest week. I took almost a week off of work and thought "hey! why not keep my runs on the calendar" but a little voice inside my head- "Yvonne, relax and enjoy a few days" so I took my own advice. 

With all the creations of fabulous "Will do Lists" that my friends have been sharing and the reality that my yoga classes are coming up fast and soon. I decided to re-engage myself with my inner yogi! What an awesome idea it has been. I have not spent near enough time with my mat or just having those amazing quiet Savasana moments. Awh!!! 

I am at my week to get back on it and I can feel the urge calling me- "get on those runners, we want to go" I hope that feeling lasts a few weeks as boy oh boy the mileage is amping up from this week on......

Thank you to everyone who posts cheers on facebook while I put in my miles! Cheers and positive comments about my blog and training as this is going to be the part where the hard work needs to be put in and the support is a "huge" help!