Friday, 11 January 2013

Jessica's Will Do for 2013

Jessica's Will Do for 2013
  •  complete my "will do" list
  •  read more - tv less
  • be kind to myself, both physically and mentally (you know all that negative chatter in your head... stop it!!!) 
  • be better to my body - I need to keep it! Drink water, feel the sunshine, yada yada yada
  • take time for ME everyday - I can't be a good employee, mother, wife, daughter and friend without first taking care of myself. I don't care if it IS only a 20 minute walk around Town at lunch, the occasional trip to Chapters, or a special coffee... take some time out of the day (everyday) to do something I want to do and not have to do!!!
  • don't fall into the meal time rut of the same ol' same ol'. Try something new with the family!
  • date night - introduce it, and keep it!!! this means OUT OF THE HOUSE and NO KID TALK... try to remember what it was like before 3 kids!
  • pack a lunch - it is only 3 days a week
  • sit back and enjoy life... I have it pretty damn good - realize it and enjoy it!
  • find a hobby (try something different... maybe I would like knitting, or something)
  • make time for friends ---- like a wing night perhaps? :)