Monday, 7 January 2013

Mandy's Will Do List for 2013

Mandy's Will Do List for 2013


- date night 1x/month
- date night in (proper sit down dinner after kids are in bed) AT LEAST 1/m
- be grateful for my life and health, and for the health and happiness of my family
- end of the year caught-up on family photo albums


- shop intentionally and not mindlessly
- pay down debt


- keep up with meal planning and "mostly" clean eating
- Hypothermic 1/2 on 2 March
- Two Oceans 1/2 in Cape Town 30 March (if I get in)
- WG2 If there is space on the team
- underwear affair
- yoga challenge for Jan (every day) - thereafter try to keep up with practising before work and 1 class/wk
- dry February