Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Collecting Failures and Working Towards the Dream

Today is a wonderful celebratory anniversary for me. A year ago to this date I finally parted ways with my long-term job and career and it was a long overdue time for change!

Back in Feb of last year I purchased a "Total Money Makeover Workbook". In this book you complete an exercise of tracking your spending and then figuring out if you did not change a thing how long would you be able to survive if tomorrow you were no longer employed or receiving an income. I was happily surprised to see that I could live for a decent amount of time on the money I had saved and put into investments. Although I completed this exercise and knew in my heart what I wanted to do.... "Take this job and shove it comes to mind" (Okay seriously who here hasn't had one of those days?! Surprise as a creature of comfort and security- I didn't. I continued to go work on a daily basis putting my big fake smile on and spending my day trying to keep busy. Trying not to think of all the other things I would be rather be doing. As time continued things got worse.... the job front hit some turmoil and the job I no longer enjoyed become an even worse situation with working 7 days a week and god only knows how many hours! As a typical human being who kept  ignoring all the signs of what I was suppose to be doing in my journey the Universe kindly stepped in with a little more force and removed the handcuffs that had been holding me back.

As in all good fairy tales the beginning of this journey was amazing. In less than 24 hours my boyfriend and I were on the road and basically spent the following 6 weeks enjoying life. This was something due to our work schedules we had not been able to do previously in our 11 year relationship. Using a trailer we had owned for 3 years for the "first" time. It was amazing! Enjoying life and remembering what the important things are!

Then there is back to reality! This past year hasn't been a bed of roses without a whack of thorns. Redefining and finding yourself is a full time journey! I have taken several courses and headed down several paths and journeys. With most of them leading to disappointment. A comment was made to me recently about going out and collecting failures! What a great way to view trial and error. That vision has helped me to step outside of my comfort zone. Although I know I still leave some stones unturned, I am after all still a work in progress!

I am no where near the fairy tale ending of this story and I am still unclear of what the next steps look like. I am getting up each morning with a smile on my face, looking forward to new opportunities and actively seeking them. I know if I don't keep working on the dream I may have to return to that other life! That truly isn't an option! I have tasted freedom, a passion for work and fun to be combined. I will some how get this all figured out! Then I'm sure once I do well then there will be another journey to be had! For now I am off to go collect some more failures.....