Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Daily Success Plan!

A daily success plan..... a novel idea of actually enjoying those first initial moments of waking up. Not jumping right onto our phones to check for messages that came in through the night but actually pausing, reveling in the feeling of having awoken to a new day! What would it look like for you to change this idea from a novel concept to reality? What would your daily success plan look like?

I was recently asked this question and initially I was a little stumped and then the fantasy hit..... For those who follow me you know I am all about visioning your future, working towards creating that vision and then blissfully allowing yourself to live it and enjoy it. What does my fantasy daily success plan look like?

First one must set the stage by awaking after a blissful nights sleep in a huge comfy bed. One of those beds you see in the commercials where the bedding looks like your sleeping right in the middle of a huge cloud. On-top of my cloud is two beautiful pups peacefully sleeping where one of course will be snoring. Commencing my morning movement by crawling over my cloud to those two little furkids and enjoying cuddles and puppy kisses to kickstart the day! Then the MOMENT-- insert the amazing dream! Slipping out of bed, sliding into my bikini and then yes oh yes grabbing my stand up paddle board and hitting the water. The tranquility of skimming across the waters surface with no distractions just myself, possibly a puppy on board and peace! NOW that would be the way to wake up in the morning! The energy, the peace and the pleasure from that morning ritual could only create amazing days! #nobaddays

Although one must dream big for the future we MUST also ensure we enjoy our living for the present and NOW! Insert the challenge how do I make today's daily success plan resemble the ultimate future goal! First step I MUST go shopping for the world's most amazing duvet! Okay no but I love the idea.

Back to the real world and my daily success plan commitment!

Awaken after a glorious nights sleep to lay perfectly still and quiet for a full minute. No thoughts allowed of the day ahead, no checking electronics just stillness and quiet. Then crawling over to those amazing pups and enjoy my morning hugs n kisses. Then my mid-way to the dream life adaption.... enjoying 5 minutes of seated or active yoga meditation while listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Suddenly I am really excited for tomorrow morning......

Do I have your wheels turning? What would be your dream daily success plan? How can you adapt that dream for the present and then ultimately how can you make steps to make that dream eventually be your reality! #betheheroofyourownsuccessstory