Monday, 6 April 2015

Fear, Life lessons and Living the Dream!

In life we are constantly told to strive, take life by the horns, take that leap of faith as the time is never perfect. You have even heard these words uttered by “ME”! I do truly believe that we hold ourselves back due to fear of the unknown but recently I was forced to look at things a little bit differently. What if it isn’t fear? What if what you need is a few more life lessons to confirm or anchor your commitment to that leap of faith?!

As a diligent “To Do List” task master I am very much the knuckle down and get your project done kind of person. Eat that Frog, take the leap and just get on with it already!  While working on a recent project that I am fully invested in and excited about-- heck it’s about my future so you better believe I am excited and fully invested.  I found myself going from extremely enthusiastic to dragging myself through each task. My heart was checked out, I was digging my heels into every step along the way and mentally I was checking out more and more from the project as a whole. Now it was time for the internal chatter to start…." You are scared! You worried about failing yourself! You are being lazy and not willing to put in the necessary work! Stop looking for excuses!”  Inside I knew I wasn’t looking for excuses there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing.  Thankfully I also knew where to look for that magical puzzle piece….. my upcoming trip!

When this soul searching, living your life, embracing fear began I had a calling to go to Europe and for some reason specifically Paris. At the time I allowed other events and potential opportunity that was seen hovering on the horizon sway me from my tracks. Ironically with ALL of those believed opportunities not ONE of them became anything except the cause of my temporarily closing the window of what I see now as the REAL opportunity which was travelling  Europe.  NOW that window has been re-opened and it is right there….. I know with my heart that I will be returning from this trip with a different mindset and focus and with this NEW found mindset and focus I will be ready to Eat that Frog and take my leap of faith!