Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Embrace the Journey!

Life Lessons from the Mat!

Recently I made a BIG decision and investment in my future to help me reach my crazy goals and dreams. In taking that initial step I found myself excited, nervous,nauseous and then exhilarated knowing that I had done it! I had finally taken the next necessary plunge to create the life of my dreams. 

Then the new journey was on and almost instantly that nasty creature called "Insecurity and self-doubt" reared its ugly head. Making me question myself, my abilities, my passion and basically my sticktuitiveness.  Those questions of  "What are you thinking? What makes you think those things are out there for you? Do you really know what kind of work this is going to take?" You know the drill I am sure you have met this creature during your journeys as well. 

Here I am on the threshold of my new exciting adventure. Instead of jumping in with enthusiasm I found myself frozen in fear. Feeling completely overwhelmed and unable to absorb any of the amazing content and material being given to me.... What have I done?! 

Insert my wonderful message and lesson from the mat! 

There are those postures that people love to jump right into versus building them, triangle is the perfect example. I love to pause my students before triangle reminding them that taking our time to build a posture and to feel it can actually make it prettier and easier. I use the analogy of hiking- Sure reaching the summit is amazing but the journey to get there is quite spectacular as well. 

During my class as I guided my students into Pigeon telling them "Breathe and enjoy the journey" The words hit me..... This is what I needed to do!  I needed to stop, breathe and enjoy the journey!" I needed to stop thinking of what currently feels like that insurmountable summit and instead just focus on today's portion of the journey. This moment and it's life lessons I need to learn today, the steps I need to take today and only today!