Sunday, 4 January 2015

Shannon White's 2015 Will Do List!

This is my year to focus on one word: “ME”
1. NO more stopping and starting All commitments are 100%
2. Starting Jan 1 2015 T25 with Shawn T and I will complete the 60 day program.
3. Jan 4th 2015, I have made a full commitment to Yvonne’s 60 day Back in your Jeans challenge group.
4. NO more focusing on the scale, rather focusing on inches lost and how I feel in my clothes and body!
5. I would like to be a Beachbody coach again, perhaps fall of 2015 or else 2016.
6. Lower my golf handicap.
7. Learn to Wake Surf.
8. Ride my Bike more!!!

1. One of my Will Do goals from 2014 was to be true to myself if I were to be in another relationship and not forget about the fitness goals that were important to me, and I DID. SO this year, I have made a promise to myself to really focus on what’s important to me and my body, but also learn to enjoy special moments without guilt.
2. To complete my CFP course Wealth Management and Estate Planning.
3. I want to live in the same city as Andrew.
4. Love myself for my beauty inside and out.
5. I honestly don’t know where my career is going and what direction it’s taking right now.
All I wish for is that I’m happy no matter what I’m doing.