Sunday, 16 March 2014

Erin Stern's 4 Week Trainer- Recap Week 2!

Week 2 complete!!! Most of the moves from week one are repeated through week 2 with the odd exception. Due to my teaching BodyPump classes my shoulders are taking a killing with 2 shoulder workouts included in this program and 2 with my classes! Thankfully shoulders is one of my fave body parts to train. I find especially with women that shoulders tend to not get the attention they deserve. If your going to kill yourself building up those triceps and biceps you need a gorgeous shoulder cap to top it all off! After all rumour is tank top season should be coming soon!

Yesterday I completed the "Plyo Leg Day" with no add-on's! It's a great endurance workout and really gets that heart rate up there. If I didn't have additional leg work throughout the week I personally would add in a second leg day!

If you give this program a try I would love to hear about your experience!