Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Fitness Page doesn't = Fitness Expert!

   There are many of us out there who are like me that love to share our journey and our passion for health and wellness. Each one my have their own speciality and actually be a subject expert on a certain topic. For many pages it's just average Joes and Janes sharing and using their journey to encourage others. Although it is a wonderful compliment to have people reaching out by asking for advice and opinions please be cautious who you are going to for that advice and opinion! Yes I am certified yoga instructor and I'm happy to provide some ideas on general add in to your practice, moves that will help with tight areas etc. I have recently been receiving messages involving actual injuries, people in the process of recovering, chronic pain issues asking for advice. This is where I become scared! Myself personally I will message back and always with a bucket load of my own questions and they will always include- Have you spoken to your doctor? Have you seen physio? What was their recommendations? Etc, etc.... My fear is this is your health and well-being! It isn't possible for anyone to be able to provide truly helpful beneficial information without having actually spoken to the individual, qualified them with a dozen to hundred questions and partnered with other medical experts if necessary. Please be wary of where you going for your health and fitness questions! Ask yourself, is the person your speaking to able and qualified to help you?! Free advice could come at a HUGE cost to your health and wellness!
On a side note* This post is not to discourage your messages because I truly do love hearing from you! When you do send those question expect that you will be receiving several questions back?! There's no quick, easy answers out there! Stay healthy!