Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ramping Up to Big Sur Week 10!

Boy oh boy did I count that correctly- 10 weeks away?! Initial thought is scary but my runs have gotten longer so its good to know that time is getting near.

I apologize for my lack of blogging but do know that the runs have been happening. Weather has been a lot kinder the last few weeks. Running in plus temps in Feb?! Unbelievable. First week of February I went out with my friends and it was minus temps and we were layered up. Partway through it started to warm up and off went the jacket. By the end of my 26K training run I was cruising down the main strip in my tank top- yes you read that right a tank top in the beginning of Feb! The following week I headed out for a short 10K training run. It was one of those push yourself out the door minus 18 and snowing. Before the hour was up it was 0 degrees and the sun was shining. On another 10K run it was the exact opposite, I headed out the door with beautiful sunshine plus temps, part way through I started to see white stuff coming down. Looked to the sky and it was black- hail was coming! I was still about 2km's from home and kicked it up as that hail could potentially hurt. I wasn't in the house for 5 minutes when down she came. Mother Nature has definitely let me experience the weather during this training session. There is rumours that we might have a wet spring, well if Mother Nature is going to continue participating in my training runs I would say that would be a pretty safe bet- LOL!!!

The mileage itself has really ramped up the last few weeks. My first long run was horrible then the next one was amazingly easy at least until the last 2km. In my last 2 long runs I have reached a personal best for the half marathon distance while training this session. This last Saturday I ran in the Hypo Half and managed a PB for the 5,10 and half for this year! Super exciting considering I was running less than 12 hours of returning home from Mexico. No pre-race planning here :-0

With the distances overall going well I am suffering with my body not wanting to recover. The last couple runs have taken more than their usual toll on my body. Forgotten were the days of pounding back Ibuprofen and being afraid to move from your couch, oh and stairs! Before my next one I think we will need to invest in a rancher- no stairs :-)

I have decided to take a rest week this week and get myself a much needed massage! Make friends with my foam roller and tennis ball and get ready for the next big run!