Saturday, 31 December 2011

Will Do List 2012- Permission to Live a Creative Life

“Permission to Live a Creative Life”

 I feel guilty when I want to be creative because I should be 
 doing more important things. Some of them are more important in 
 the scheme of life but I find that I need time to create, 
 because when I do, I don’t think about the things that worry me 
 or make me sad. I concentrate on the craft; whether it be 
 scrapbooking, card making, making mini books or art journaling.

 Some people may say it is mindless but I say it is mindful as it 
 fills my mind with happy, joyous “stuff”, so I don’t have to 
 think about negative or worrisome things.

I need to be creative to keep my sanity; it is that important to me.