Sunday, 23 March 2014

Erin Stern's 4 Week Trainer- Recap Week 3!

Week 3 Complete and a lesson in Post Workout Recovery!

I have been diligently taking BCAA's and P90X Rest and Recovery after my intense workouts. For some crazy reason on the beginning half of this week they seemed to elude my memory banks as a necessity. I can assure you that will not be happening again for a long time. By Thursday morning I was spent.... my legs were failing me while teaching a Pump class and sore doesn't really cover how I felt! Thankfully the rest of my Thursday was filled with yoga classes so I got lots of opportunities to stretch. Upon coming home late that evening I crawled into the tub and then into bed. After a very deep sleep I woke up completely refreshed and ready to go....  I had a yoga class in the morning then managed to hit a double workout as I had missed one earlier in the week. My legs were still not a 100% but Friday was all upper body. Chest, Shoulder x 2 and arms. The following day was the true test- "Leg Day" I gotta tell ya' I was very nervous about my legs holding up for the plyo workout! As luck would have it one of my regulars that attends my Pump and Spin classes was at the gym that morning so I recruited her to join me for my leg workout. Therefore I knew there would be no cutting corners and no complaining! Well it worked and we both nailed the workout! Yeah to workout buddies!

Inspired this morning I decided to grab my tape measure. It appears in the past three weeks without making any other changes then adding in this workout I have lost 1/2" in all areas of my body. Chest, waist, hips, thighs and even biceps! I was pretty excited about that! One more week to go......