Sunday, 6 September 2015

Set yourself up for SUCCESS on your Wellness Journey!

Ready to get started on your health and wellness journey but unsure where to begin? Follow these steps and you will find yourself on the road to success! 

  • Choosing your Fitness and Nutrition Program! 

There is a tonne of options out there! You can hire a Personal Trainer, an On-Line Coach, join group fitness classes or use an At Home Workout program! 
*Feel free to reach out to me personally if you would like a no-obligation chat on which route will help you reach your personal goals

  • Review Your Program

Look at ALL the info provided. See if you have any questions on the workouts or food before you even begin. Be armed and ready!

  • Make Like a Boss

It is time to make those Non-Negotiable dates with yourself! Look ahead and see if you have any scheduling conflicts. If you choose to workout in the am, hitting snooze is a non-negotiable! If you chose to workout in the pm you may end up having to say no to social events or as I traditionally do let everyone know I will be late and show up sweaty! This is your blocked off time for YOU and YES you are allowed to be a priority!

  • Food Planning! 

Plan out your meals for the week! Have an emergency can be made in less then 15 minutes back up dinner to help avoid that "Crap I don't have anything ready and I am running late" * Sidenote I HATE meal planning but without it I will FAIL! Its one of those suck it up and just do it!

  • Purge

Armed with your nutrition plan attack that pantry and fridge! All items that are not apart of your approved foodie list need to leave the premises! If you share your pantry/fridge with others place the questionable items out of sight. Higher or lower shelf in the pantry. Out of sight, out of mind becomes a HUGE factor as time goes on in your journey

  • Meal Prep

Traditionally for most of us Sunday is meal prep day with a mini prep later on the week. Pinterest is wonderful for ideas and suggestions on meal prepping! Bulk prepping is best! Hard boiling some eggs, having some shredded chicken on the ready, cut up veggies, creating an emergency protein dish to add on top of a salad or toss in a stir fry with veggies for a quick meal.

  • Accountability

Do NOT go at this alone! Check in's with a Personal Trainer, on-line Coach, a Challenge Group or an accountability partner SOMEONE! This can is HUGE! Most challenge groups are a DAILY check in. Ask a friend or family member for a weekly check in letting them know a success, a tricky and what your focus is the following week. Please follow up with YOUR commitment don't have them chasing you as you asked them for a favour. Be picky with who you pick--- they MUST be positive and supportive or you may have entered into an additional slippery slope. 
*Feel free to reach out to me in regards to my Monthly Challenge groups and On-Line Coaching

  • Before Pics and Progress Shots

I know they SUCK! Reality is this is your today and it will NOT be your tomorrow so get on a bikini or shorts and a workout bra and get those pictures and measurements completed! I personally recommend taking weekly progress pictures! You can elect if you want to do weekly measurements but pictures are a must! Play with the many forms of photo edits and create a comparison journal during your transformation. As for the SCALE beginning and end ONLY or if your program is a longer one every month overall the scale tends to NOT be our friend on this journey so don't give it an invitation.

  • Why?!

Spend a moment in quiet reflection as you head into your new journey. Why do you want to make these changes? Why is it important to you to become healthier? What is your motivating factor and write it down! This "why" will become your reason to not skip your workout, not eat that treat! Keep it somewhere close where you will see it on a daily basis!

If this post has you inspired to make a change but you still have questions on which program and support route will be the best fit for you and your personal journey please feel free to reach out to me and we can chat further. Yvonne or click the link......

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