Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mountains, Summits, Fresh Air and Finding a New Passion!

A few years back a girlfriend of mine invited me with her family for a hike. My outdoor experience at this point extended as far as a 4WD on the trails---the END!

 I still remember the excitement and the nerves! Googling what to pack.... Yes I googled and hit print! As I recall Mike the avid outdoorsmen laughed when he saw my list. Then the questions??? What if we run into a bear? What if we get lost? Lose the trail? Meet a cougar? And let's be honest here, basically a city girl at this point- the bathroom?! Um drop my pants in the woods?! Regardless of all my neurotic worries I was completely comfortable with my hiking comrades and knew I would be safe. 

Up bright n early in the morning and then we were off.... And oh my goodness! Every corner holding a mystery and a new surprise from changing terrain, beautiful lakes and oh yes to the view at the top of a summit! It is so amazing to have worked your ass off climbing to a summit in some cases literally telling yourself right, left, right to get there.... Then it opens, instantly forgetting how tired you were just seconds before. Taking in the breathtaking scenery with no signs of modern life visible within 360 degrees radius.  There are no words to describe it! Right from the first hike I knew I was addicted! 

When I reflect over the last few years many of my happiest memories are of times with my friends on these hikes! My tale of doing a superman down a mountain, creating several wounds causing Mike to 
have to come home early from a golf game to clean and bandage me. You will have to ask me one day how these events actually led to a night to remember insert>>Lobster and Tequila Fest! 

 To enjoying shots with friends at a summit and in one occasion even a bottle of Champagne. Yes we may be outdoors but we still do things with style!

 Jump shots on a summit ledge, push ups challenges, random yogi shots through out the trail, sliding on our butts down a snowy hill, making snow angels and jumping into icy lakes and in some cases waterfalls!

 It's all about high adventure, enjoying each other's company, appreciating the beauty of nature and oh yes building up one wicked appetite! You can be guaranteed for the last hour or two of a hike my conversation is filled with FOOD! What I'm going to eat after, things I made and things I am just then deciding I need to make. That post workout meal--- oh my! The BEST! Imagine a table filled with your hiking comrades, chatting about favourite moments, rehashing the funnies, enjoying a liquid nourishment, showing off our chosen meals as they arrive. Then the blissful drive home with some falling under the spell of the hike and having a nap. My best nights sleep "always" happen after a magical day of hiking!