Monday, 17 February 2014

Banish the Negative Self Talk!

   I was finishing off my workout and burning off that last little bit on my triceps and decided to hit up the cable machine! Now the cable machine for me in the past has been a session of brutal negative self talk. Lets face it you are standing directly in front of the machine and there is "always" a mirror to one of your sides! So I know you have the image clearly- full head to toe side profile! In the past I'd be powering through my reps and that mean inner voice would kick in....  "Maybe one of these days you might even see a tricep?" "how long have you been working those muscles and you still can't see them?" "is that your belly rolling over your pants" and " girl you need to get yourself an ass" and whatever other real or imaginable things I could trash talk to myself in the time it took me to finish 3 sets. No wonder I had to psych myself up to use the cable machine. 

 I marched up to that cable machine, lined up and looked over to check my form. Then that moment, where the usual mean girl would kick in I finally heard a different voice. A much friendlier and kind voice "Hey! There's that mysterious tricep muscle. It really does exist!" I kept powering through my sets and then noticed how different I looked completely head to toe. I am owning a whole new profile and more importantly I felt that I could look in the mirror and be proud of what I was doing and knowing that finally I have found my key and I am making progress. 

There is nothing more frustrating then the beginning stages or in my case years of the beginning stage, plugging away, staying dedicated and STILL not seeing the results your looking for. Then throw on-top of that negative trash talk! After my sessions of beating myself up mentally I would give myself the good ole cheerleader chat. "Have faith it will happen"and "if you keep at it you will get results"  Honestly most of the time I think my cheerleader talk sounded much more like "blah! blah! blah! Yvonne are you even listening?" Thankfully due to a real stubborn streak and the fact that I actually love my gym time regardless of the years of not getting the results I felt I should have been seeing. They are finally happening! 

My message to you! If your in those beginning stages or battling the years of waiting for the magic, know that yes it's possible. Keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone! Keep trying new things! If your not seeing the results you want then you need to keep experimenting. I committed to myself to a spend a year trying new and different things. Keeping my mind and opinion open. Tracking how my body felt, noting when I saw results and when I backtracked! It's a journey but the time goes by so make it a productive one and get to know your body! 

I promise you! If you want it and your willing to do the research and work for it  "IT WILL HAPPEN!" 

Get after your goals, keep your dreams alive and tell that Mean Girl to just "SHUT UP!" She doesn't know anything!