Sunday, 19 January 2014

Celebrating Positive Female Relationships!

This past weekend was my annual "My Favourite Things" evening! 
A wonderful evening spent with amazing, strong and confident women. 
Discussing current exciting events in our lives, what we have accomplished and 
even more exciting- what's next?!

How did this idea come about?! A couple of years back I was googling my little heart out, a favourite pastime. I was searching things involving women- women in business, women's mentorship programs and as always with Google one search leads to another. I kept coming across these amazing large scale events with women dressed up in their best and having an opportunity to meet other women outside of their immediate circle. Most importantly to me was the image of women having an evening together that involved a hundred percent positivity! Speaking about the future, goals, dreams, what are you up to now, what are you planning next, celebrating any victories. An evening of female empowerment! 

With my Google inspiration and my personal desire to attend an event like the one's pictured in my search. The good ole hamster jumped on the wheel and started running. Reality was the first stumbling block.... All the events I had looked at were done at a LARGE scale. I didn't have the funds to be renting a convention centre. Then the thought, why does it have to be big? I partnered with one of my girlfriends and gave her my rough idea of what I was thinking and voilà the creation of "My Favourite Things" 

The concept of "My Favourite Things" 

The Women- the vital key! Who are you going to invite? I recommend starting with the women in your life who encourage you. Think of those who you consider to be your cheerleaders.  Don't limit yourself to thinking within your immediate circle. This is not an event where you invite the negative drama filled friend because you feel obligated. This is an event for building relationships with positive women throughout the community and expanding your network. Think outside of the BOX! You may be like me and those who surround you are your cheerleaders and positive influences. Or perhaps this event could be your opportunity to meet some new people who you would like to be more involved with. *Keep thinking- networking opportunity! Get out of your comfort zone. Who wouldn't be happy to have someone they have a slight relationship with come up to them and say "I am planning a women's evening! I'm looking for people who are positive, successful and who I think would be a lot of fun at a dinner party. Instantly, I thought of you!" Hello! Instant new friend! If you can only think of one or two people awesome! Go to them and let them know about your evening and ask them who in their circle would be a great fit for the evenings entertainment! Remember we are on a mission to expand everyone's network! Each year it's my goal to have new women invited to keep growing not only mine but all my friends social networks as well. At this point I have been lucky with it only being two years the number in attendance have still been manageable. Who knows maybe one of these years I will be renting that convention centre?! How cool would that be.....

Next step.....

Fun Factor and WIIFM?! As my plans for the original event rolled out the date was getting closer and closer to Christmas which prompted the ideas of gifts. Secret Santa etc. I don't know if your secret Santa events have been better then mine but the gift selection is usually well crap! With trying to keep costs down so it's manageable for everyone I thought of the theme "My Favourite Things"! Who doesn't have a favourite thing that they use daily that costs under $10. Great price point and with it being a favourite thing you know it's going to be something good. A container of body butter, a favourite spice selection, candles..... You name it! 

Final Stages....

It's as simple as creating an event on Facebook and sending out your invitations. A month prior to the event I take final role call on who is 100% committed. Pick your venue of choice and make the reservations. Let's say you have 11 women in attendance yourself included. You would then advise your guests to buy "10" of their favourite thing! At the event have individually tagged gift bags with tissue paper ready. Each guest upon arrival deposits their favourite thing into each of the gift bags minus their own. In tradition with my crew after dinner we will grab one of the bags and show off the goodies that each guest will be going home with. In both events there hasn't been a person who didn't think "SCORE" when it came to the goodies! 

This truly is one of my favourite evenings of the year and I hope my blog inspires you to create your own "Celebration of Positive Female Relationships" I know I eagerly await this event each year and I think the ladies of this event stated it quite clearly.... it doesn't have to be another year before we do this again. I think it's time to put that hamster back on the wheel and start thinking of a semi-annual event! 

*If this blog does inspire you to create your own evening I would love to hear about or if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to me. Email me using the subject heading "Women of Power"