Monday, 10 December 2012

A New Year for New Challenges....

   We are heading into a New Year and it's time for my favourite topic- "Will Do Lists"

I have always been an anti-new year's resolution person. New Year's resolutions rank right up there with I will start on Monday, it's almost the 1st of the month I will start then?! You know those first few weeks of a New Year at your gym with all the "new" people taking up your space? Gggrrr!

As soon as the temperature starts to cool down my brain automatically starts to go through the files of what I want to accomplish the following year and what will be my "Big" focus for the upcoming year?! Reflection this year is an interesting one..... Some of my goals I aimed a little high right off the start and forgot the baby steps. Baby steps are vital to ensure your success. It's like training for a marathon, yes key word training! A marathon was on my "Will do List" this year and I trained for it and completed it successfully with a smile on my face. Unlike my great adventure of Project 1825 where I decided I was capable of jumping into a 100% healthy eating with only one treat item a week. A little over zealous and surprise I fell flat on my face. Through falling we get back and up recreate.... enter the Art of Conscious Eating which has definitely had an impact on my life. Prior to Project 1825 and Art of Conscious Eating I ate without a lot of thought. You know those moments when you run out of the house at 11:45 and then at 12:30 your out and your hungry so.... yes we all know where we end up! With the Art of Conscious Eating it brought up my game so I would look at the time before I ran out the door. 11:45? mmmmm I'm probably going to get hungry? Should I make a quick shake? Do I have something I can grab and pack for when it hits?! No I did not hit my original target but I did still make an impactful and positive change in my life. 

My BIGGEST tip and lesson learnt from this year, keep your "Will Do List" visible!!! Halfway through the year I moved my work space and I did not bring my framed copy of the my "Will do List" therefore out of sight out of mind.... I did still accomplish most of what was on my to do list but it was no longer a focus it was something being accomplished more out of habit.

Over the next week I am going to play scrapbooking style with my magazines and create a new vision board. I have an idea for my main focus of the year but have not finalized the logistics of it yet?!

How about you?! Care to join in the wonderful world of "Will Do Lists"?! You will be amazed what you can accomplish if you keep it front of you and align your life with your goals! Come on you know you want to....