Sunday, 15 April 2012

Big Sur- 2 Weeks!

So hard to believe that only a few months ago I was out enjoying a ridiculously short 3K and thought up the fantastic idea of running in another marathon. Now here I am 2 weeks away today!!! Wow!

Thankfully last week was the end of the long crazy runs and this weeks was much shorter. As I headed out the door yesterday talking myself into what a "great idea" going for a run was. I encouraged myself with the fact that my run was only 22K, yep only 22K. In the very next breathe reality hits as I realize that is longer than a half freakin' marathon. Funny how you can get a skewed perception of distance.

I am very excited to report out that the first few K's were rough the body wasn't too happy about running and then woo hoo! Everything came together. At 10K I ran into a different perky pony-tailed girl and there was no way that this one was going to pass me! Thank you to whomever you are as you were the motivation I needed. Thank you to all the young, pony tailed girls out on the streets whom I was NOT willing to have pass me therefore I rocked the last half of my run actually completing the last half at a faster average pace than the first half!! Another great sign that my body is ready and it should rock "Big Sur" Oh yeah baby!!!